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    • “Wow! I can attest to the fact that Math Genie really does work wonders, and I am ecstatic that I discovered the program.”

      via online review

    • “My Biggest regret is that I didn’t find Math Genie sooner. I have three grown children and if this program was around when they were young I would have enrolled them as well.”

      Susan M.
      via online review

    • “My daughter is very confident at school with everything she has learned from the program. It has taught her to be focussed and patient”

      Angel Rodriguez
      via online review

    • “I can’t rave enough about how great this program is for kids all ages who have said they hated math at some point or other.

      Gisella F.
      via online review

    • “As hard as it is to believe, Math Genie has given my 6-year-old twins the ability to calculate mentally triple-digit addition and subtraction problems…It takes me twice as long to do the same problems that my 6-year-olds can do!! “

      David M.
      via online review

    • “I can do math problems faster than any of the kids in my class.”

      a Math Genie Student via online review

    • “My kids are the best in their classes. They are way ahead in math.”

      Toujan H.
      via online review

    • “He has beome very comfortable with numbers, when initially he had trouble with number-recognition as well.”

      Richa Singh
      via online review

    • “Her confidence has gone through the roof. She is not intimidated by math and her homework anymore.”

      Rosa Gentner
      via online review

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    • Michelle

      The Teacher said Oh #$%$^

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      More progress than Kumon

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      Daughter is a Genius

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      Twins show remarkable improvement

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      Black Belt Taewkondo