Math Genies abacus program increase concentration and focus, improve self-confidence, and ensure your child reaches their fullest potential

Genie Academy is a revolutionary program that aims to liberate the genius in children. Our methods have been proven to increase concentration, develop razor-sharp focus and improve self-confidence. Genie Academy students show a marked improvement in their grades and go on to develop enhanced creativity, imagination, and visualization.

By combining the ancient abacus and modern child-psychology research, we have created a program that helps students reach their fullest potential. To ensure that each child receives the maximum benefit, we employ the most passionate and experienced teachers. We also keep class sizes small. No more than five students are in classes for those 5 years old and younger. No more than eight are in our older classes. Our cutting-edge coursework ensures that students are interacting and having fun, rather than being bored by spending time doing worksheets. 

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Individualized Strategies for Improvement /
Enrichment and Recommendations for Success

Through the individual evaluation, the evaluator will learn quite a bit about a child's individual strengths and needs. The evaluator will then create an in-depth recommendation outline of what each and every child evaluated needs to ensure that they will succeed. This outline will provide recommendations for strategies that will enhance the child's learning experience, ultimately leading to their success in all areas.

The Genie Academy Method

Assignment to
Appropriate Class

Based on each child's reading level, fluency, comprehension, overall ability, and age, the class coordinator will make recommendations for a class that would work best for the individual child. Assignment to classes also takes into account parent and child availability and preferred days/times.

In-class Instruction
and Homework

Students will be provided with an individualized program based on their needs and learning style (both in the classroom and at home). This program can include a focus on the following areas:

  • Basic Addition and Subtraction
  • Simple Patterns
  • Complex Patterns
  • Complex Application of Patterns
  • Times Tables
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Decimals

Ninja Black Belt Techniques

Throughout the instructions, students will be:

  • Applying skills learned to mental math
  • Practicing visualization
  • Gaining smart learning strategies
  • Self-monitoring
  • Learning with purpose
  • Attaining focusing techniques

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