Top-Qualified Creative Writing Classes for Elementary Students In New Jersey

Online and in-person creative writing tutoring for elementary school students.

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Improve your child's creative writing skills with top tutors in New Jersey!

Elevate your child's creative writing skills with Genie Academy, home to New Jersey's premier tutoring experts. Our dedicated team of professional tutors offers a comprehensive approach, blending online classes with personalized in-person sessions. At Genie Academy, we prioritize creative expression and are dedicated to nurturing your child's writing talent.

Through engaging lessons, we focus on developing storytelling abilities, expanding vocabulary, and instilling a passion for writing. Our mission is to empower your child with the confidence and skills to excel in creative writing and academic pursuits.

What Will Your Child Learn in Our Elementary School Creative Writing Classes in New Jersey?

In our elementary school creative writing classes in New Jersey, your child will embark on a dynamic learning path designed to strengthen their writing capabilities:

Storytelling Basics: Understanding the elements of a good story, including character development, setting, plot, and conflict resolution.

Creative Expression:
Encouraging imaginative thinking to create vivid descriptions, engaging narratives, and original ideas.

Genre Exploration:
Introducing various writing genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and fantasy to broaden their literary horizons.

Writing Techniques:
Teaching key writing techniques such as show vs. tell, point of view, and dialogue creation to enhance their storytelling.

Confidence in Writing:
Fostering a positive attitude towards writing, helping students gain confidence in their ability to express themselves through words.

Creative Thinking:
Stimulating creative thinking and problem-solving abilities through writing prompts and exercises designed to challenge their imagination.

Elementary School Creative Writing Tutoring for Each Grade

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How Does Genie Academy Creative Writing Tutoring Work?

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Skill Assessment

We begin with an assessment of your child's current writing skills. This helps us understand their strong points and what they need to learn.

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Customized Lesson Plan

Then, we create a personalized lesson plan. This plan is focuses on the areas they need the most help.

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Creative Writing Tutoring

Then, we start teaching creative writing. We use different methods to make sure your child understands and enjoys learning.

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Concluding Progress Test

At the end of the program, we have a test to see how much your child has learned. This shows us what else they might need to work on.

This tutoring process is continuous; after the progress test, we reassess your child's skills, update the lesson plan accordingly, and continue teaching.
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Expository Writing

In elementary school, expository writing classes equip children with the skills to convey information clearly and effectively:

Understanding Expository Writing: Students will learn the purpose of expository writing, which is to explain, describe, or factually clarify ideas.

Structure and Organization: They will understand the importance of a well-organized structure to make their writing coherent and easy to follow.

Topic Development: Children will learn how to choose and narrow down topics, develop a thesis statement, and support their ideas with details and examples.

Research Skills: Students will learn basic research methods to gather information from reliable sources, enhancing the credibility of their writing.

Comparing and Contrasting: Lessons on comparing and contrasting ideas will help students analyze and discuss various subjects in depth.

Cause and Effect: Students will identify and write about cause-and-effect relationships, helping them understand and explain why things happen and their consequences.

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Persuasive Writing

In elementary school, children learn persuasive writing, which enhances their language skills and cultivates critical thinking and communication skills.

Understanding Audience: Children will identify their target audience and write their arguments accordingly.

Clarity and Coherence: Children will learn the importance of organizing their ideas logically and presenting them clearly and coherently.

Use of Persuasive Techniques: Children will explore persuasive techniques such as using compelling language, providing evidence, employing rhetorical questions, and appealing to emotions.

Critical Thinking: They will analyze different viewpoints, evaluate evidence, and make informed judgments.

Research Skills: Children will learn research to gather relevant information and evidence to support their arguments.

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing in elementary school provides kids with lessons that enhance their language skills, creativity, and skills to depict scenes and experiences.

Sensory Detail: Children will incorporate sensory details, such as sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures into their writing.

Imagery: They will learn to use similes, metaphors, and descriptive language to convey imagery effectively.

Word Choice: Children will learn the importance of carefully choosing descriptive words and phrases to create specific moods and atmospheres in their writing. 

Observation Skills: Students will learn to pay attention to details in their surroundings and use observation skills in their writing.

Use of Figurative Language: Children will learn about figurative language, such as personification, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia. They will understand how these literary devices can add depth and richness to their descriptions.

Narrative Writing

In elementary school, narrative writing teaches children valuable storytelling and creative expression skills.

Story Structure: They will understand how to organize their narratives into a beginning, middle, and end, with a clear progression of events.

Character Development: Children will create well-rounded characters with distinct personalities, motivations, and traits. 

Plot Development: Children will learn to craft engaging plots with rising action, climax, and resolution. 

Dialogue: Children will use dialogue effectively to reveal character relationships, advance the plot, and convey emotions. 

Descriptive Language: Children will learn to use descriptive language to create vivid and immersive story settings. 

Genie Academy's Creative Writing Tutoring Benefits


Knowledgeable & Passionate Coaches
At Genie Academy, we offer a team of knowledgeable and passionate coaches who prioritize your child's success.

Small Class Sizes
Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing us to implement our carefully designed curriculum based on the Genie Academy teaching philosophy.

Clear Communication and Curriculum Transparency
We believe in transparency. Your child brings home materials, and we keep you informed with regular feedback, Parent Coach conferences, and accessible student records on our Parent Portal.

Summary and Pricing

Summary and Pricing

Meets once per week

Ongoing Course

  • 1-2 hours Class Duration
  • 2-8 Class Size
  • Ages 6-10 Age Range
  • $155-$205 a month Price Per STUDENT

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Kindergartner Kosi is doing 2nd grade Math and 1st grade reading!
Reading Genie student Colleen is praised for her powerful speech in front of thousands of people.
Online student and 6th grader James gets placed in 9th grade math.
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Writing Genie student Hei Lui wins Talent in Writing Award.
Online student Pranav gets into Plainsboro, NJ's Gifted and Talented Program.
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Abacus graduate Hei Lui is doing 9th grade math in 7th grade!
6th grader Vidhi gets into the Accelerated Math program after transferring to Genie Academy from Kumon.
Kindergartener and abacus student Vir gets into the Gifted and Talented Program.
Abacus graduate Shankar gets accepted into Chesterfield, NJ's Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Math Program.
Genie Academy brothers Luke and Robbie receives outstanding integrity award and leadership award.
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Jaynaly places Top 5 at a national writing competition and publishes a literary masterpiece.
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Abacus student Anish gets selected for Math Olympiad and makes honor roll two years in a row!
Longtime Genie Academy student Tyler gets into East Brunswick's Gifted and Talented Program.
3rd grader Alex gets into Marlboro, NJ's Honors Math and Language Arts Program.
4th grader Arnav gets into North Brunswick NJ's Gifted and Talented Program.
From getting an IEP, Linga is now an Honor Roll student in Math.
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1st grader Srinika gets accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program for the second time.
Reading Genie student Viviana gets into NJ Charter School's Gifted and Talented Program.

Meet Our Team

At Genie Academy, we believe in providing the best learning experience for your child. Our experienced teachers are committed to helping children succeed in reading, writing, math, and coding.

Genie Academy coaches are committed to our mission of uncovering your student's genius. They are dedicated, passionate, exciting, and motivating. Our coaches are committed to making the Genie Academy experience fun for kids.

Find Out More Tutoring Programs for Your Child

Improve your child’s reading and writing skills and get them started with coding.
Here are our core programs:

Math Tutoring

Genie Academy teaches children to develop laser-sharp focus in various math subjects.  Our method and learning materials train students to concentrate at the highest degree.


Reading Tutoring

At Genie Academy, students enhance their reading skills, focusing on comprehension, vocabulary, and analysis tailored to their grade level and individual learning objectives.


Coding Tutoring

Genie Academy teaches fundamental coding concepts, logic, and languages like HTML or CSS, suitable for beginners and budding programmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes run once a week and vary in length, depending on your child’s age. Toddler classes for children ages 3 ½ to 5 are for one hour. Junior and senior classes for students older than 5 are two hours. Class sizes are deliberately kept small so that teachers can give each child the maximum attention needed. No more than five children are in the toddler classes. No more than eight students are in the junior and senior classes.

Each child learns at a different speed. We encourage you to keep your child in the program for at least three months until they become proficient in visualization.


Genie Academy complements schoolwork because children develop a better understanding of math on the abacus than is possible with the traditional math curriculum in schools. Faced with stimulating challenges, children find that schoolwork becomes easier. Genie Academy also teaches how to solve word problems, which are traditionally the bane of every student’s existence.


Getting started is easy. Call us at 609-288-2290 or come in for a free class. Sign up now. We will give you and your child a free demonstration of the abacus and an abacus to take home.

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