Genie Academy Student who Needed Special Education Services is Now Performing Way Above Grade Level

When Linga was in Pre-K, he was given an Individualized Education Program (IEP) so that he could he could receive special education services. Although Mom accepted that he needed special attention at that time, she was “determined to take him out and mainstream him.” So Linga joined Genie Academy. Within months Linga had made amazing steps forward and soon was one of the top students in his class! His IEP was removed, he received awards for Honor roll and tested in the top 10 percentiles for math and reading. 

Success-Stories-Linga-Honor-RollBefore starting Genie Academy Mom had tried various tutoring services and was never happy with Linga’s growth. Mom says, “I was just starting, and I didn’t know where he stood… but I wanted someone to really take a look at him.” One of the first programs they tried was Kumon. When Linga was in Kumon, “it wasn’t working for him. He wasn’t interested in learning stuff…. I put him in reading and he was tracing and drawing lines for five months. He didn’t need that.”

Then they tried Genie Academy. According to Mom, “immediately when they started, they showed him the buddies for five and ten, and in one month, he started adding. With reading, it was sight words. He obviously knew the sounds, but here he started putting them together to form the words. That’s when he started reading, after joining Genie Academy.”

In just a few classes at Genie Academy, Linga had a noticeable boost in confidence and improvement in reading level. Mom says that after a month, “Linga started to read all the boards on the road and loved doing that. He started to love reading picture books and he started reading chapter books.”

In fact, the Monroe School District even noticed his improvements and had him re-tested. Mom couldn’t be more elated with the results: “they told us he’s not a resource student, he’s mainstream. The assessment he took for math and reading showed that he exceeded the classroom.”

By the end of the year, our mainstreamed Linga had reached level G in Reading and even got Honor Roll for his Mathematics performance! He also took the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessments and was in the 95th percentile for Math and 92nd percentile for Reading within his district!

Obviously, Mom couldn’t be happier with the progress little Linga has had at Genie Academy. “I know he has other challenges, but education can’t be a challenge. That’s what I love about the teachers. They tell me he’s good, but they also push him. They give me constructive comments, and I like that because I can work with him when I’m at home, to make sure he is always on the right path and growing.”

This strong teacher connection and involvement is central to the Genie Academy method. Here, we want your child to learn while loving every second of it. From small class sizes to a neurologically-designed curriculum, we’ve tailored every aspect of your child’s experience to make sure that they are learning the best they can. We know all children are full of talent and potential, but without the right environment they can sometimes struggle to find it.   

Don’t let anyone ever make you think your child isn’t a genius. Come try a free class today, and watch as your kid realizes just how fun learning is, and how amazing they are!

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