Why Your Child Isn’t Learning at Their Full Potential

In order to help students unleash their genius, we believe that children must be taught according to their own individualized learning strategies.

Every child learns differently:

  • Some children learn visually, by seeing things demonstrated.
  • Others are auditory and learn best by hearing explanations.
  • Other children are kinesthetic and learn best by touching or feeling things.
  • There are even children who learn by using an internal digital learning strategy in which they use self-talk and internal dialogue.

Most children process information across all three modalities and may incorporate any of the strategies at any time.

Our educators are specially trained to identify your child’s optimal learning strategy and develop a customized learning plan they will excel with.

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  • Gifted Talented Program

    "5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program."

  • Skipped Grade In Charter School

    "Child struggling with speech issues at 2 receives admission into top charter school in Newark and skips a grade."

  • Most Improved Student

    "Most Improved Student."

  • Top Score In Terra Nova

    "From struggling to among the best in the country."

  • Short Story Writing Winner

    "Wins 1st Prize in Short Story Contest for 6th Grade in Linwood Middle School."

  • Won President Award

    "Winner of President's Educational Excellence Award."

At Genie Academy, we have had over thousands of satisfied parents since 2008.
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Learning Strategies for the WIN–Michael’s Story



Ten-year-old Michael K. loved to play with Legos and was a young budding artist. However, when Michael failed math along with his lack of confidence and inability to complete certain tasks he was classified as learning disabled.

Not knowing where to turn, Michael’s parents came to Genie Academy for help

At Genie Academy, the first thing we did was give Michael a learning-strategy assessment. We determined Michael was inherently a kinesthetic learner who learned using his hands.

When he was presented with the abacus, Michael brightened. Here was something he could hold and touch. Pushing the beads up and down gave Michael a new way to complete mathematical problems and understand numbers. We also tapped into his visual and auditory skills.

Michael went from an F in math to a B in just three months and by the end of the year he achieved an A+

Michael gained confidence by using his kinesthetic learning strategy to help him learn to use the abacus. As a result, he became highly motivated to apply the skills and strategies he learned at Genie Academy to other subjects. In science, he went from a D to an A. He was moved back to the regular classes where he continues to excel


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It’s Not You Or Your Child’s Fault–It’s the Education System

U.S. students continue to fall lower and lower in global test scores.

Let’s face it, the education system in the U.S. is overloaded and just trying to keep its head above water–and that was before COVID-19.

There is just no way the system can provide the personalized learning strategies and support many students need to excel.

Not to mention, if your child is ahead of the curve they end up bored and disinterested.




I Was A Victim of the Same Over Loaded System Myself, Which is Why I Developed The Genie Academy Program

I was a poor student who was never engaged in my studies. Still, I attended college but graduated at the bottom of my class. 

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There is no time to waste. Between 2 and 7, your child will learn faster than at any other time in their lives.

Your child’s brain develops in critical spurts–think of these as growth spurts for the brain–the first one from the ages 2 - 7 years old. During this time, your child will have twice as many connections between brain cells than at any other time in their lives.

These connections are where learning happens. Taking advantage of this crucial time in your child’s development will put them miles ahead later in life.



Our Students Achieve Amazing Results – What’s the Secret?


Whole-Brain Learning

By combining the ancient abacus and the latest research on child psychology, we have created a program that trains the brain to reach its fullest potential by engaging both the right side - or “creative side'' and the left side - the “logical side” of the brain. This combination of creativity and logic helps strengthen the entire brain.

This multi-sensory learning method used at Genie Academy helps students succeed. By quickly learning to use the abacus and engaging in games to promote memory and focus, children are able to use more of their brains than ever before.


The Power of Visualization

Many sports stars and celebrities attribute their success to visualization of some kind. At Genie Academy, we use visualization as a tool not only to do complex math mentally but also as a focusing method. Visualization helps students achieve maximum mental functioning states that are the hallmark of each and every high achiever.


Never fight with your child to do their homework again

Kids hate boring worksheets and repetition, and the developers of our program know this. Because of this fact, they developed excitement-filled, puzzle-like, and game-packed books that kids can’t get enough of.

Kids love using the abacus as a tool and doing mental math challenges. Many Genie Academy kids even try to do extra work so that they can get their new books and do the trickier math computations.


Turbocharge your child’s learning in 10 minutes per day

At home, parents can easily follow the simple assignment instructions, and after doing the work a couple of times, kids can and want to do everything independently.

At-home practice only takes about 10 minutes per day! In that short amount of time, kids are training their brains and becoming better and better at what they are learning.

How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Programs

Genie Academy excels in developing your child’s ability to learn, focus, retain lessons, comprehend, and unlock creativity.
Genie Academy benefits your child and helps with building self-confidence.

  • Focus & Concentration

    Genie Academy teaches children to develop laser-sharp focus. Our method and learning materials train students to concentrate at the highest degree.

  • Self-Confidence

    We improve your child's self-confidence by emphasizing positive-reinforcement. As your child excels in math, self-confidence increases

  • Unleash The Creativity

    Genie Academy students learn to visualize, which uses the right side, otherwise known as the creative side of the brain. Once this happens, creativity is unleashed. Many Genie Academy students have started writing short stories and poems.

  • Whole-Brain Development

    While the creative right side of the brain is being exercised, the logical left side is being used to do mathematical calculations. This combination of creativity and logic helps your child strengthen the whole brain.

  • Improve Comprehension

    Mental math also has the effect of exercising a child's visual cortex, which enhances pattern recognition. Many Genie Academy students have reported increases in reading comprehension by two grade levels.

  • Better Grades

    With improved self-confidence, enhanced focus, and a newfound ability to retain and learn quickly, your child's grades will improve in all subjects.

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