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Enhance Your Child’s Reading Skills with The Best 7th Grade Tutors in New Jersey

Boost your child's reading proficiency with New Jersey's finest 7th-grade tutors at Genie Academy. Renowned for its dedicated educators and dynamic reading curriculum. We offer a blend of in-person and online tutoring, ensuring your child receives well-rounded reading support.

At Genie Academy, every 7th grader is equipped with the skills and encouragement necessary to thrive in reading. Our curriculum, in sync with educational standards, is crafted to extend learning achievements outside the classroom.

7th Grade Reading Tutoring Subjects

Genie Academy teaches children all the key reading topics, from literary elements to more advanced topics like close reading.
Here are the subjects we cover:

Reading Tutoring Plan for 7th Grade

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Skill Assessment

At Genie Academy, we assess each child's reading level and learning style to make our classes specifically for them.

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Customized Lesson Plan

Then, we create a personalized lesson plan. This plan focuses on the areas they need the most help.

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Reading Teaching

Then, we start teaching reading in an easy way. We use different methods to make sure your child understands and enjoys learning.

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Concluding Progress Test

At the end of the program, we have a test to see how much your child has learned. This shows us what else they might need to work on.

This tutoring process is continuous; after the progress test, we reassess your child's skills, update the lesson plan accordingly, and continue teaching.

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Literary Elements

7th graders will explore literary elements to understand better and appreciate literature:

Exploring Complex Characters: Understanding character development, recognizing and analyzing the nuances that make characters complex and interesting.

Understanding Conflict Types: Identifying and examining different types of conflicts within stories.

Navigating Point of View: Exploring narrative perspective, teaching students how a story's point of view can influence their understanding and interpretation of events.

Genre-Spanning Readings: Reading engaging stories in various genres that explore literary styles and themes.

Text Features

7th graders will master the text functions needed to navigate and understand different types of written material.

Identifying Key Text Features: Recognizing and understanding the purpose of text features such as headings, subheadings, indexes, etc.

Analyzing Text Structure: Exploring how authors organize information, teaching students to discern patterns such as cause and effect, comparison and contrast, and sequence.

Reading Strategies

7th graders will explore advanced reading strategies, enhancing their literary analysis and comprehension:

Active Reading Techniques: Learning active reading strategies, including annotating texts, asking critical questions, and summarizing key points.

Inference Skills: Developing the ability to read between the lines, teaching them to infer meanings, themes, and authorial intent that are not explicitly stated.

Critical Analysis: Learning to evaluate texts, discerning bias, identifying argumentative techniques, and assessing the effectiveness of different types of evidence.

Synthesizing Information: Synthesizing information from multiple sources, combining insights to form a comprehensive understanding of subjects.

Figurative Language

7th graders will dive into figurative language, enhancing their literary analysis skills and creative expression:

Understanding Similes and Metaphors: Exploring the use of similes and metaphors, exploring how these similes enrich text by creating vivid imagery and connections between disparate ideas.

Discovering Personification: Learning personification, where inanimate objects or abstract concepts are given human qualities.

Exploring Hyperbole and Understatement: Analyzing hyperbole and understatement to understand how exaggeration and minimization can create effect, tone, and humor in writing.

Identifying Onomatopoeia and Alliteration: Covering the fun and engaging aspects of language, such as onomatopoeia and alliteration.

Reading Comprehension

7th graders will be able to understand, interpret, and analyze a wide range of texts:

Exploring Literary Techniques: Discovering how tools such as foreshadowing, allusion, and the strategic use of dialogue can enhance a story by layers of meaning.

Enhancing Inferential Thinking: Learning to read between the lines, making inferences about meaning, author's purpose, and context.

Improving Summarization Techniques: Summarizing texts, ensuring they can extract meaningful information while maintaining the essence of the content.

Encouraging Active Reading: Developing active reading strategies like note-taking, questioning, and discussion.

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Genie Academy's Reading Tutoring Benefits


Knowledgeable & Passionate Coaches
At Genie Academy, we offer a team of knowledgeable and passionate coaches who prioritize your child's success.

  Small Class Sizes
Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing us to implement our carefully designed curriculum based on the Genie Academy teaching philosophy.

  Clear Communication and Curriculum Transparency
We believe in transparency. Your child brings home materials, and we keep you informed with regular feedback, Parent Coach conferences, and accessible student records on our Parent Portal.

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Meet Our Team

At Genie Academy, we believe in providing the best learning experience for your child. Our experienced teachers are committed to helping children succeed in reading, writing, math, and coding.

Genie Academy coaches are committed to our mission of uncovering your student's genius. They are dedicated, passionate, exciting, and motivating. Our coaches are committed to making the Genie Academy experience fun for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes run once a week and vary in length, depending on your child’s age. Toddler classes for children ages 3 ½ to 5 are for one hour. Junior and senior classes for students older than 5 are two hours. Class sizes are deliberately kept small so that teachers can give each child the maximum attention needed. No more than five children are in the toddler classes. No more than eight students are in the junior and senior classes.

Each child learns at a different speed. We encourage you to keep your child in the program for at least three months until they become proficient in visualization.

Genie Academy complements schoolwork because children develop a better understanding of math on the abacus than is possible with the traditional math curriculum in schools. Faced with stimulating challenges, children find that schoolwork becomes easier. Genie Academy also teaches how to solve word problems, which are traditionally the bane of every student’s existence.

Getting started is easy. Call us at 609-288-2290 or come in for a free class. Sign up now. We will give you and your child a free demonstration of the abacus and an abacus to take home.

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