Amazing Success Stories

Kiara pic resized-1

Kindergartener and abacus student Kiara gets into two top private schools, the Princeton Day School and Chapin School, in New Jersey. She also tested two grade levels above her classmates in math and reading.

"Since each child’s curriculum is tailored to their individual needs, Genie Academy nurtured Kiara’s unique potential and accelerated her growth."

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Charlie Maniscalco resized

Abacus graduate Charlie scored in the 99th percentile on the entrance exams and as a result, received over $157,000 worth of scholarships from 3 NYC private high schools.

“Set up a schedule, have a visual reminder, and stick with it to the best of your ability.”

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Kindergartener and abacus student Rishva gets into Somerset, NJ's Gifted and Talented Program. He's also 2 grade levels advanced in Math and Reading.

“When it comes to bigger numbers, such as three digits, division, or multiplication, he needs to know the abacus. As long as he’s doing mental math, he’ll be fine now but he’s getting to a stage where he needs to know the concepts.”

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Hei Lui Writing Success Story

After joining Genie Academy, Hei Lui published her first literary work and got into the English Honor roll for two consecutive years. This year, she published another literary piece and won the much-coveted Talent in Writing award!

"Genie Academy built a better foundation for her and helped reinforce what she learned in school"

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Pranav (2)_resized

Online student Pranav gets into Plainsboro’s prestigious Gifted and Talented Program, stands three levels advanced in Math, and holds the title of District Level Robotics Champion.

"Genie Academy has instilled such confidence in us; I see his progress in the results."

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Sophia Stevens

In just a few months of joining Genie Academy's abacus class, 1st grader Sophia got accepted into Somerset, NJ's prestigious Gifted and Talented Program. She's also two grade levels advanced in reading.

“Tutoring is always beneficial whether your child is struggling or doing well. We also wanted to make education fun and make learning a lifestyle."

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Veer and Shaurya success story

Genie Academy brothers get into the exclusive Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. They are also more than one level ahead in Math and active in sports, music, and literature.

I did Russian Math and Kumon but the books, the teachers, and the assessment in Genie Academy are more positive. I love that they want to teach kids but positively, not by knocking them down that ‘oh you don’t know’, because that’s what happened to the other centers. They made the kids feel like they didn't know. In Genie Academy, the kids feel like they can learn. That’s the big difference.

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Akshath success story

First grader Akshath got into Woodbridge NJ’s Gifted and Talented program after taking the COGAT test. He's also 2 levels advanced in math.

“The abacus has definitely sharpened his math skills. He’s comfortable with adding up numbers earlier in the year and now we are in multiplication. He’s now up to a level where he doesn’t need an abacus or paper to write the numbers. He’ll just tell us the answer.”

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Hei Lui success story

Abacus graduate and 7th grader Hei Lui is doing 9th grade Math! She’s also been in the English honor roll for two straight years.

“Genie Academy has been great. I like that they have a relatively small class size and they teach kids according to their ability. Everytime we have concerns, they listen and they try to make adjustments."

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6th grader Vidhi got accepted into the Accelerated Math Program after shifting to Genie Academy from Kumon.

“It wasn’t great enough because the materials of Genie Academy on curriculums were much better than what they have…the workbooks that you have are excellent for them to practice and understand the concepts. Every lesson is well-explained and has multiple examples that they can practice with."

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Vir Mehta

Kindergartener and Abacus Math student Vir got accepted into the Gifted and Talented program after taking the COGAT test. At age 6, Vir passed it with flying colors even though the test was done online and ran for almost 2 hours.

“When it comes to Abacus Math, it has helped them with their mental capacity and in calculating much faster than their peers.”

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Colleen success story

6th grader Colleen of East Brunswick, NJ recently gave a speech to the members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Speaking in front of over a thousand people worldwide, she was praised for her powerful testimony and impeccable diction.

“The teachers in Genie Academy encouraged her constantly, which motivated her to excel in what she does.”

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Shankar jpg

6th grader Shankar has been accepted into Chesterfield NJ’s Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Math Program.

“The main thing I like about Genie Academy is its personalized coaching and small class sizes.”

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Luke and Robbie Success Story

Luke received an outstanding integrity award, while his brother Robbie got the leadership award in Holland Township, NJ.

“This is the program that’s not only going to change my kid’s life, it’s going to change their trajectory into the future. Not only that, it’s going to propel them to where they want to be faster and more efficiently.”

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Abacus Students gets admitted to MIT

I was admitted to the MIT's Mechanical Engineering program last year. I believe that the Abacus Mental Math program of Genie Academy (formerly Math Genie) gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to enter and excel in MIT.

Without the abacus, my life would have turned out a lot different.

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Abacus Graduate is doing 8th Grade Math in Sixth grade

A 6th grade student from East Brunswick, NJ credits his time at Genie Academy for his improvement in school.

“Lucas is two levels above his classmates in reading and writing”

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A Kindergartener Doing Second Grade Math and Reading at First Grade Level

Although having only just started Kindergarten, Kosi is learning second grade math topics with Genie Academy, which makes him almost two years ahead of his peers.

His can-do attitude has helped him improve his ability to tackle difficult math problems, and he has greatly increased his ability to solve word problems of increasing complexity.

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Marlboro, NJ Second Grader Gets into Math Gifted and Talented Program

Aarav has recently been accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program for Math. While he is only in the second grade, Aarav has remained at the top of his class, normally earning perfect scores on his exams.

“His forte is mathematics. He has great analytical skills and if you see the way he calculates, those things are really awesome”

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Genie Academy student joins more advanced classes

Zoe has become more comfortable in social situations, and is more sure of herself overall. Zoe has improved her long term memory, raised her grades, and even has dreams to be a lawyer.

“Ms. Faith gives her a lot of motivation, and a lot of confidence”

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Chiranshi gets into the Accelerated Math Program. In 5th grade she was doing 6th Grade Math and in 6th Grade she will be doing Algebra 1.

"Online was also really fun with Ms. Stephanie, because even though we were online, everything was really good and clear with her.”

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Fourth Grade student accepted into Accelerated Math Program

Michael has been accepted into the Accelerated Math Program at his school. Starting Genie Academy at just 6 years old, Michael has been able to progress faster in school as a result of his hard work in the program.

“The program has taught him how to learn and to focus on the task at hand”

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Fourth Grade student becomes eligible for Gifted and Talented Program

Gio has just been accepted into East Brunswick’s Gifted and Talented Program. Both Gio and his father are extremely proud of his accomplishments, and they both laud Genie Academy as a source of academic enrichment and guidance.

“After coming to Genie Academy and learning the abacus and mental multiplication, it helped a lot.”

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Ryan Success Story

Ryan went from hating Math to placing 3rd in Math competition. Right now we are seeing that kids are falling 1-2 years behind in school because of the pandemic. What is amazing is that Ryan is doing just the opposite and is learning things months before they are even covered in school!

He loves math. He used to say I hate math but now he is saying he loves math. He has been getting 95-100s on all his exams in every single topic and he was just telling me that all the other kids are struggling.

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6th grader gets placed in 9th Grade Algebra 1

6th grader gets placed in 9th Grade Algebra 1 while studying in Genie Academy's remote learning during the pandemic.

"So far, my experience with Genie Academy has been great. I've learned a lot and I've been able to keep up and exceed my grade level"

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Mariamv gets chosen for Sayreville's Gifted and Talented Program. She's one of only four students selected in the entire school.

She is a competitive student with big goals for herself.

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Kindergartener Gifted Talented Program Marlboro, NJ

Kindergartener Riaan got into Marlboro NJ's Gifted and Talented program. He is also able to do 3 digit Math programs using Abacus & Mental Math.

Riaan is so skilled that some math problems he is given at school he doesn’t even have to think about before answering.

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Ananya success-1

Ananya has been accepted to North Brunswick's Gifted and Talented Program. She is learning Advanced Math, Science, Stem, Entrepreneurship and business.

“she always likes to be challenged”

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Jaynaly was nominated to go to the National Youth Leadership Program Pathways to STEM which will be held at Saint John’s University.

Jaynaly was the only student selected from her entire school! 

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Robert is at the top of his class for both math and reading. He also recently got into the Honors Program. Genie Academy helped turn Robert into an above-average student. The program also improved his test-taking skills and confidence, and made him more independent and excited about learning new things, especially in math.

“Math, I feel that’s my A+ subject,” Robert humbly states in a recent interview.

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Genie Academy online student Aarna reaches the Top 4 in her entire class. Aarna's teacher at school noticed a huge improvement in her writing abilities and was surprised at how much she is able to write in a short period of time.

"I can see the difference. Aarna looks forward to class each week. Vocabulary has increased, reading comprehension has become easier, and she is able to process her thoughts more clearly."

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Math Genie Online student gets into Gifted and talented program Morganville School District

Genie Academy Online student Sevina gets into Gifted and talented program in Marlboro School District. In 1st grade she is proficient in 3rd grade Math and 2nd grade Reading.

"Sevina always leaves her virtual class with a smile on her face.  Her memory is laser sharp. She already memorized the periodic table and the purpose of all the elements."

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meghanas success

Genie Academy student for 3 years improved significantly in her schoolwork. She excels at school, is now working 2 grade levels ahead, and is more confident.

“She’s improved a lot, and because of Genie Academy, she is way ahead of other kids in school,” her dad told us.

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Genie Academy student succeeds with creative writing and will be featured in a renowned publication called A Wander in The Woods- US Authors. Jaynaly also won Top 5 in the national competition.

"It is no surprise that Jaynaly was able to accomplish this! She has always had this creative mind, this imagination. The kinds of things she comes up with in her writing is always a pleasant surprise." -Ms. Kim, writing teacher.

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Angelina has been accepted into the prestigious Gifted and Talented Program. She also got into the honors class in every subject - English, Science, Social Studies, Pre-Algebra, etc. She credits Genie Academy's abacus math program for helping her easily pick up playing the piano and memorizing music.

Genie Academy student uses abacus in school long after graduation.

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After a year of struggling, Matthew gave Genie Academy a try since he saw how much his brother Mark liked it. Within a couple of months, he not only improved but excelled with high honors. He won the award for best male student of his class!

"Within a couple of months, he noticed the program actually worked. Genie Academy guided him on what was expected and gave him strategies to do that, and that was what he needed.”

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Genie Academy graduate, Mark has been in advanced math since grade 1, was in Gifted and Talented, and will be a 6th grader working on 8th-grade math. He may even skip a grade at this rate!

"As a teacher, I saw a lot of students getting stressed out in my class because they didn’t finish their Kumon homework. That’s not what tutoring is supposed to be. Genie Academy gave him the foundation to do all his work by himself. "

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Senior Math Genie Student Achieves High Honors In and Out of School

Fifth grade student, Zunaira, has been accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program for her strong math skills. She started a new and more challenging school this year taking advanced mathematics, and has excelled there as well.

“I really attribute a lot of her refined skill set and the strong foundational math skills she has to Genie Academy because she was not getting it from school.”

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Math Genie Student Excels in Advanced School

Fifth grade student Anagha has recently moved to a new school that assesses its students based on their individual achievements. Since the beginning of the school year, she has consistently earned As on her work and has gotten a lot of positive feedback from her teachers.

“I feel like Genie Academy helps with focus in general. The discipline it brings, the time management, it streamlines a lot of things, it’s not just specific with math—it’s spreading to other elements as well.”

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4th Grade Student Succeeds at Math Genie

Nikhil consistently gets more and more advanced in his math skills, staying one level ahead of his classmates. His advanced skills not only help his math grades, but also his focus and attention.

“His teachers always say…he’s always very focused on what he’s supposed to do and completes his work early. He’s at the top of his class.”

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Anagha M. has been selected for North Brunswick's GATE program. She is consistently performing at the top of her class having earned 7 different awards in school this past year including one as Student of the Month!

"The mental math taught at Genie Academy has helped boost Anagha's focus and confidence which has carried over in tackling other subjects"

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Kirthna will jump a grade in math after passing the Algebra 1 Honors exam in 7th grade! Genie Academy’s extensive help with Algebra 1 allowed her to pass the exam with flying colors.

“Genie Academy was helpful to Kirthna for taking the exam and the books she had completed already covered concepts on the exam."

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Genie Academy Graduate in South Brunswick is already Learning Seventh Grade Math in Fifth grade.

“What sets them apart is that their approach to learning math is both practical and fun. It encourages analytical thinking and develops problem-solving skills. Genie Academy helps their students become more focused in classwork and be more responsible with homework.”

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Rishi was accepted into South Brunswick's accelerated math program for the second year in a row! He will be taking 5th-grade level math as a 4th grader, thanks to his level 5 score on the PARCC exam.

"Genie Academy helps me do calculations faster. School math is very easy since I already learned it at Genie Academy."

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Genie Academy Student Sophia scored in the 99th Percentile on the MAP Test. This year Sophia has grown by 16 Rasch units after growing 35 last year!

"Sophia is an excellent and driven student. She’s always on task and loves to learn."

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Meghana I. has skipped two grade levels in our math curriculum. She is working on our Common Core 5C and Senior 6 Math books as an incoming fourth grader! Meghana continues to excel in the Genie Academy program, having also won some of our recent Math and Reading contests.

"I like that my Genie Academy teachers are patient and have very good teaching methods so that I can learn a lot."

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Jaya uses Genie Academy as her foundational math skills and has greatly increased her confidence, knowledge, and overall strength. Jaya's parents feel that Jaya is more challenged at Genie Academy than in regular school.

"Genie Academy's mental math concepts became her foundation. Genie Academy helped her take it to the next level."

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Josh qualified for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program after being recognized for his astonishing academic scores and achievements in Sayreville Schools. He was able to qualify for this program because of his hard work and dedication he showed in his Genie Academy classes.

According to the school, this is an opportunity for Josh to "explore special interests in-depth not usually available in the classroom."


5th Grade Super Star, Grishmaa, scored 843 / 850 on the PARCC Assessments, achieving a Level 5 score for the very first time! Genie Academy’s investment and involvement in every student’s achievement has helped Grishmaa take her academic achievement to the next level

"Genie Academy helps Grishmaa stay a little more ahead than what is being taught in school."

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Tyler C's President's Award

Tyler C., a long-time student at Genie Academy - East Brunswick, was presented with the prestigious President's Award for Educational Excellence. To receive the President's Award for Educational Excellence, students must maintain a high overall GPA, score well on state tests and/or receive a recommendation from a teacher.

"I have no doubt that he will continue to succeed, wherever he goes!"

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Dara, a graduate from the Genie Academy program, was presented with the prestigious President's Award for Educational Excellence, thanks to her outstanding academic excellence at Arbor Intermediate School.

"Watching her grow through her years at Genie Academy has been amazing!"

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When Katherine L joined Genie Academy, she wasn’t doing so well in school. Now, just a year later, little Katherine scored in the 99th percentile of the Iowa Assessments!

"I like that Genie Academy goes ahead of what they are doing in school... She is basically prepared for everything she is going to do in school.”

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Sebastien, a long time Genie Academy student, has been admitted to multiple New York City private schools, despite Ivy-League Level admission rates and an arduous admissions process! Grace Church School, in particular, is well-known for its selectivity, with just 32 seats available per year.

"Thanks to Genie Academy, his progression in Mental Math has been amazing, and definitely impressed the admissions counselors."

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Anish G. achieved Honor Roll every marking period, for both 3rd and 4th Grade. He was also selected for his school’s highly competitive Math Olympiad team!

"We could not wait until Anish would be able to solve problems so easily. We wanted our children to excel in Math, and knew Genie Academy would help."

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Tyler C. has been selected for the Grade 4 TAG Program at East Brunswick! The TAG program is designed for students who demonstrate outstanding ability in Language Arts & Math. As part of this accelerated program, Tyler will receive differentiated instruction and "participate in independent research on self-selected topics" during the academic year.

"With his willingness to learn, there is no doubt that Tyler will continue to do great things."

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Alex, has been placed into Marlboro's Honors (C-level) Math & Language Arts programs. This honor is the highest placement someone of Alex's age can achieve within his school district!

"I think I was able to do so well because Genie Academy's Core Books allow me to go ahead of what we're doing in school."

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Success Story Arnav (NB)

Arnav will be taking accelerated 5th-grade level math as a fourth-grader. Before Genie Academy, it was very difficult for Arnav to understand math concepts. Since enrolling in Genie Academy, he became more passionate in the subject and consequently excelled in it.

"Genie Academy has given Arnav a better understanding of math concepts so he is able to solve problems quickly."

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In just a few classes at Genie Academy, Linga had a noticeable boost in confidence and improvement in reading level. From getting an IEP, Linga is now an Honor Roll student in Math. When he took the MAP assessments, he placed in the 95th percentile in Math and 92nd percentile in reading.

"That’s what I love about the teachers at Genie Academy. They tell me he’s good, but they also push him."

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Caleb's different approach to math enabled him to score in the top percentile of the CogAT and STAR Math Exams, and earn a place in Edison's Gifted & Talented program for Math and Engineering.

“Genie Academy helped him think in a different way – to think outside of the box by using the abacus, and solving problems… it has helped a lot… I didn’t expect it to be so good.”

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4th grader Krish P has been accepted to Franklin Township’s Gifted and Talented program. Now, his performance on the ELA New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJLSA) was so high that the school had to design a special accelerated program, just for him!

"Genie Academy understand the parent’s need... this is much better than other tutoring places"

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Currently a first grader, Srinika is getting Outstanding in all of her subjects, and has been invited to join the highly competitive Gifted and Talented Program for the second time.

“Before, she was barely reading sentences… but now, just a year later, she is reading well. She finishes her book completely by herself!”

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7 Year Old Seeyal placed first in Woodbridge's annual math competition for elementary schools, topping not only at his school, but throughout the 17 elementary schools in the district! He also was one of just two kindergarten students chosen for the Gifted and Talented Program.

"Our main goal was to visualize Math, which Abacus has the potential to do... it has helped him to think mentally, but also logically."

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When she was younger, Viviana struggled with speaking English. Now, she has been accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program!

"Reading Genie has helped her language skills and confidence a lot."

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Math Genie Plainsboro PreK Kindergarten Terra Nova 6 Abacus 98th Percentile

5 year-old Vanessa is at the top of her private school math class, and she even scored in the top 98th Percentile on the Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) Exam. Mom credits Vanessa's academic success and social developments to the interactive and supportive Genie Academy environment.

"Coming to Genie Academy has extended to other areas socially like increasing her confidence in herself and in her abilities..."

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Ella jumped from Bs and Cs to the 99th Percentile on a National Exam. In just 11 months, she scored at the 99th percentile on the highly-regarded TerraNova 2 (CAT 6) Aptitude Exam, which places her at the top 1% of all kids taking the exam this year in the entire United States. 

She dreaded Math. Now she loves it.

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Nikita has been scoring well above 100% on her math assessments for years. Mom says that it is thanks to Genie Academy and the Abacus Math and Mental Math she has learned.

"Her progress has shown that she has become so much more confident in herself and she is helping her friends out...She has become very confident in herself and her progress is amazing..."

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Angelina Success Story

Angelina has been accepted into her school's gifted and talented program. Not only has Genie Academy made that type of difference for her, academically, but Angelina's mom has noticed the improvements in other areas. With our Mental Math, Angelina has gained more focus and independence. She has even picked up music and language skills.

Mom thanks Genie Academy for this success and helping her child achieve greatness.

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Zunaira Success Story

Zunaira, a 3rd Grade Genie Academy Student, was tested with having 6th Grade math skills. Mom says she learned it all from Genie Academy.

" My husband and I think it was a great investment. So far, it really shows in her schoolwork and in her. The standardized test was definitely a good eye-opener for that."

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Tanvir, a Genie Academy student from the East Brunswick center has been accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Johns Hopkins is the world leader in Gifted Education. Tanvir has been attending Genie Academy for three years and is our third student to be accepted into the John Hopkins Gifted and Talented Program.

Mom says this would not be possible without Genie Academy

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Lazlo Sisters Success Story

Mia and her sister Ilana from Monmouth Junction, NJ, have been in remedial math for years, scoring at low 50s and 60s. After a few months of joining Genie Academy, both girls are scoring in the high 80s and 90s.

Their mom says “It sets that mindset—they are focused more. I like it here. I like the small class sizes, I think that’s important, and the two hours extra week for them to focus on math.”

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Math Genie Student gets into Advanced Math Program at School

Genie Academy student Aashi gets selected for the Accelerated Math Program in 3rd grade.

"Aashi got accepted to the program because of MathGenie. She is very confident in math because now she knows that she is ahead of everybody in the class.” says Vaishali, Aashi's mom.

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Success-Stories-Somer-Precalculus-High-School-Franklin-Park Play video

Somer has been able to stay in honors and advanced math classes for 6 years since she finished Math Genie. Until now, she continues to excel and complete problems faster and more accurately in a college-level course.

"In class I'm able to solve problems much faster and I'm able to use the calculator a lot it's easier to solve problems for classwork, for homework and for tests."

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MathGenie Student Gets Accepted to Bridgewater's Academically Independent Enrichment Program

MathGenie's mental math program helped Arnav from Piscataway build his problem solving and pattern recognition skills. With these skills, Arnav got into Bridgewater's Academically Independent (AI) enrichment program.

Arnav's father says "I would definitely recommend MathGenie’s math and English language arts programs..." for any parent who wants to get their child ahead

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Reading Genie students from Marlboro Township went from being very shy to giving a speech in front of 500 people at a wedding. Lots of people came up to them to compliment them on what an amazing job they had done.

"‘Genie Academy really helped me put my thoughts together.'"

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Piscataway student, Sohum scored in the top 1% of New Jersey students for his grade in the Math Kangaroo exam. Sohum has also been accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. His parents thank Genie Academy for his success.

Sohum is flying in his math skills. From Johns Hopkins CTY to New Jersey Math Kangaroo, Sohum is crushing the competition. Parents thank Genie Academy for his success.

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1st grader Pearl gets into the Gifted and Talented program in Woodbridge, NJ.

Mom says, "no, we have to go here, we have to continue this, we cannot stop this."

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Math Genie Student gets into Johns Hopkins CTY program

This Genie Academy student from Piscataway recently earned a spot in Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

"Genie Academy has made a significant impact on Sohum's academics and without this he could not have done this. "

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Math Genie Student Scores above 90 percentile on NJ ASK!

Justin from South Amboy, New Jersey scored got in the 99 percentile in the National Terra Nova exam. Watch his Mental Math skills at the age of 6!

"I can attest to the fact that Genie Academy really does work wonders, and I am ecstatic that I discovered the program!"

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Already 2 years ahead of his class thanks to Math Genie

Fifth Grade Genie Academy graduate in South Brunswick is doing Advanced Seventh Grade Math in School.

"He is in the Advanced Math class in his school and I'm sure Genie Academy helped him achieve that."

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Math Genie Graduate gets into GNT and Johns Hopkins Program

Adarsh scored high on the Cognitive Assessment test and gets into the Gifted and Talented (GNT) program at Johns Hopkins University.

“It’s [Genie Academy] really helped him in his core fundamentals, especially with memory and being able to elevate his intellectual capacity."

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Shreya's Success is because of Math Genie

Failing 3rd grade student was going to be held back. A year after enrolling in Genie Academy, she is now ahead of her classmates.

Shreya's parents and teachers are amazed at her progress. Mom and Dad both say if it was not for Genie Academy, she would not be where she is now!

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Liam and the Math Bee

He won first place in the Math Bee for the entire grade and is now competing in the school wide math contest. His dad says it's all because of Genie Academy.

"When my neighbors ask is Genie Academy working for us the answer is yes - definitely yes!"

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Shrenik scores 100% on NJ Math Target Assessment in Piscataway. His dad gave a big thank you to Genie Academy!

"This is a place that shows Math becomes FUN."

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Terra Nova scores jump from 39 to 91 percentile after just 7 months at Math Genie

Esther from Plainfield, had Terra Nova scores jump from 39 to 99 percentile nationally after joining Genie Academy.

"She has made us so proud. Thank you Genie Academy!"

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Math Genie Alum Gets a Perfect Score on the PSAT and SAT

Genie Academy graduate, Somer, from Franklin Park, recently earned a perfect score (100%) on the the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) & SAT Math non calculator section.

"I use the abacus every day in high school."

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5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program

Charlie and Angela from Staten Island secured a spot in the NYC’s gifted and talented program; a program so selective that it only has a 6% percent acceptance rate. Their secret? Five minutes of mental math everyday!

"Practice, apply, praise, and make it a routine."

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Student with speech issues jumps a grade due to Mental Math!

Jaisen went from not being able speak to speaking in complete sentences, remembering, focusing better, and getting exceptional in mental math. He also got an admission to North Star, Newark’s top charter school, where he also skipped Kindergarten and went straight to First Grade.

“He’s definitely a stronger math student. He has more confidence. At Genie Academy, he thinks he can do anything."

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editor@math-genie Play video

Genie Academy’s abacus program has helped Genie Academy graduate Vandan’s thinking power by applying mental math concepts. Vandan’s father believes the program has allowed Vandan to succeed in other subjects and overall due to how the program exercises the brain.

“The biggest difference I see in Genie Academy kids and the kids that are not in Genie Academy is their analytical power is a little low. The brain is not stressed to that level mentally, so that is the biggest difference."

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Math Genie student awarded the “Most Improved Student”award from his school. His Dad credits Math Genie for a dramatic turnaround in his child.

​In first grade, Geovanni from North Plainfield was having a hard time with math and reading. His parents received a letter from the school informing them that he was 6 or 7 levels below other kids in his class. After enrolling in Genie Academy, Geovanni was awarded the “Most Improved Student” in school.

"His focus has improved a lot. We can see that he can read books without stopping in the middle. We are very proud to see him succeed in school."

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Ex Kumon & Eye Level student tries Math Genie Play video

After seeing disappointing results at Kumon and Eye Level, they walked into Genie Academy skeptical. However, after two and a half years, they couldn't be prouder seeing Ghazal get ahead of her class in Math. She's also improved her concentration and is now playing piano ahead of her peers. They credit these improvements to Genie Academy.

"We are so proud to be able to say that she’s doing significantly better than she was before we took her to Genie Academy."

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Math Genie Student gets 100% on NJ ASK Play video

Charan, a Genie Academy graduate got a 100% on the NJ ASK thanks to Genie Academy's Mental Math Program.

Both parents say that Genie Academy made all the difference.

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Math Genie Student Receives High Honor Roll

Caroline achieved academic excellence in her school, St. Thomas the Apostle, by maintaining a 97% grade average and qualifying for high honors! She also won the Genie Academy writing contest for 4th grade.

Caroline was able to maintain a 97% grade point average thanks to her hard work at Genie Academy

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Parent Sees More Growth in 6 Months at Math Genie than 1 ½ Years at Kumon

Rohan from Piscataway learns more in 3 months at Genie Academy compared to 1.5 years at Kumon

Genie Academy teaching method takes advantage of how a child’s brain thinks, where as Kumon seemed as if it were very repetitive and memorization-based.

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Math Genie Student Awarded for Amazing Writing Skills

Christy placed 1st in Linwood Middle School's short story writing contest. Thanks to Genie Academy, she was able to build her skills in the Reading Genie program. Christy also received high honors in all of her subjects.

Christy Receives an Award for Excellence in Short Story Writing.

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Aarush got on the honor roll in St. Bartholomew School of East Brunswick. He received high marks in every subject in every quarter of the school year. Aarush was able to get and keep his high scores thanks to his dedication and the teaching he received at Genie Academy.

Genie Academy's enrichment programs have been helping students achieve academic success for years.

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Ishaan from East Brunswick scored a level 5 on his Grade 3 Math Assessment thanks to his hard work at Genie Academy.

Ishaan is performing well above grade level because of his hard work at Genie Academy.

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Genie Academy helped improve Anay's self-confidence and interest in math. His parents believe the program gave their son the tools and strengths to succeed in the classroom.

“The biggest thing Anay gained from Genie Academy was that he found confidence in math. In a couple of months, it was amazing to see him know his math.”

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Aaruni scored a 108% on her end of year writing assessment, thanks to Math Genie

Aaruni from East Brunswick scored a 108% on her end-of-year writing assessment, thanks to Genie Academy.

See how Genie Academy's Reading and Writing program can transform your child's future today.

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Adwaith Success

Adwaith from South River received the Presidential Award of Academic Success. His hard word at Genie Academy put him ahead of his class.

Genie Academy has made a huge impact on Adwaith's school and life.

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Math Genie Alumni Gets a Perfect Score on the PSAT & SAT

Somer has a high chance of receiving the National Merit Scholarship since earning the perfect mark in the non-calculator math section. She is the only student from her school that got a perfect score.Somer says that Genie Academy has helped her achieve this great accomplishment.

Mental math is a powerful tool that will carry on for the rest of your child’s life. You too can take advantage of the Genie Academy program by enrolling your child.

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Josh was accepted into the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program for his astonishing academic scores and achievements in Sayreville Schools.

Sayreville Student gets into TAG because of Genie Academy.

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Jasmine was awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Language Arts Student of the Marking Period.

Genie Academy Student Awarded Certificate of Excellence in Language Arts

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Neel significantly improved his mathematical skills and grades in school, thanks to the abacus math program of Genie Academy.

“The abacus is engraved in my mind,” and that this will always help him when it comes to more difficult math problems in the future."

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Teacher shocked! says, “Oh $@*&!” when 1st grader Daniella shows math ability. Before Genie Academy, she lacked motivation and was average, but not outstanding. Daniella quickly loved Genie Academy and already stands apart from her peers both in her academics and extracurricular activities.

Daniella is now the outstanding child that every parent dreams of, a child whose skills and intelligence are hard to be modest about.

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Piscataway Parent Sees More Growth in 6 Months at Genie Academy than 1 ½ Years at Kumon. Only in kindergarten, Rohan can do complex math computations (adding and subtracting), the kinds of computations that 4th graders are doing in India, Milind’s native country.

Genie Academy teaching method takes advantage of how a child’s brain thinks, whereas Kumon seemed as if it were very repetitive and memorization-based. After just a few months at Genie Academy, Milind and his wife decided that they saw much more potential in the Genie Academy curriculum, and they chose to stop Kumon and continue at Genie Academy.

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