Math Genie Success-student goes from average to extraordinary and excels in every subject at school after enrolling in Math Genie

From Average to Exceptional

As a sixth grader, An excels in every subject in school, and he has the grades to prove it. According to his parents, Genie Academy has helped tremendously with not only his math skills, but with his reading and science skills as well. Now, as they gather around the television set to watch an episode of Shark Tank, An is able to quickly and accurately do the calculations in his head. An's parents thanked Genie Academy for the incredible growth and progress their son has shown since he enrolled in the Genie Academy program.

The “Before” Story

"Before starting Genie Academy, An wasn't particularly bad at math, but he wasn't exceptional, either. All in all, he was an average student. In addition, he had some issues focusing and paying attention in class. We put him in the Genie Academy program hoping to improve his math skills and help him better focus on his assignments."

Improvement Shown in Short Amount of Time

"When An first started Genie Academy, he was in the fourth grade. After only half a year there, his grades in school had improved drastically, with excellent performance on his NJASK. He scored a 300, putting him in the “advanced proficient” category. At home, when we give him some math problems to do, he comes up with the answer within seconds. It's very impressive for us to witness."

It's Good For More Than Just Math

"An's math skills are excellent, and we see the same level of excellence in his reading and English courses as well. In addition, the issues that he was having with focus and attention has improved significantly. He's very focused in his work now. He's in the sixth grade now, and he is doing extremely well in all of his subjects in school, not just math and reading. This program has done a tremendous job with An's studies and focus."

Recommendations for Parents Interested in Genie Academy

"I actually wish I'd learned about Genie Academy earlier so that I could have put my daughter through the program. After seeing An's progress and growth in Genie Academy, I am very glad that we enrolled him, as it really is an excellent program. I believe that Genie Academy is a fundamental program for students as they go on to higher grades. The staff there is really good. They don't really push the students too hard. They teach the concepts and lessons very well. I think An's focus improved because the teachers have very good teaching strategies. I recommend this program for parents who have children between first and fifth grade, and even the sixth grade, as An continued to be in the program for a couple months while he was in the sixth grade."

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
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