Genie Academy Student Admitted to NYC’s Most Prestigious Private Schools

Success-Stories-Sebastien-NYC-Charter-SchoolsSebastien, a long time Genie Academy student, has been admitted to multiple New York City private schools, despite Ivy-League Level admission rates and an arduous admissions process! Normally, at the young age of 6, most kids worry about what color crayon to use or which toys they can buy. But little Sebastien had bigger dreams: to attend school in the greatest city in the world: New York, New York. And defying all the odds, Sebastien gained acceptance to 5 such acclaimed private schools: UN International School, Avenues: The World School, Saint David’s School, The Town School, and Grace Church School, where he will be enrolling in the Fall.

Grace Church School, in particular, is well-known for its selectivity, with just 32 seats available per year. Even the New York Time’s was amazed by the rigor of the admissions process, stating that Grace Church’s “admissions rate is on par with Harvard’s.” Moreover, since our Sebastien was applying for first grade (where there are only 1-2 spots available), the odds were definitely stacked against him.

However, thanks to the strong support of his mother and the academic push of the Genie Academy curriculum, he was able to secure admissions at not one, but 5 of the most prestigious elementary schools in the world.

After completing the rigorous admissions processes, Mom was particularly thankful to Genie Academy for equipping Sebastien with a strong mathematical and reading foundation and the confidence required to undergo such demanding vetting at such a young age. Specifically, Mom mentioned “his progression in Mental Math has been amazing, and definitely impressed the admissions counselors… His vocabulary is very advanced… talking to him feels like talking to a 15 year old… like he is much more mature.”

But most important was the confidence he gained from Genie Academy’s curriculum. “Sebastien knows he can do any of the work Grace Church School will give him, and that made all of the difference.” Especially given how challenging gaining admissions is, from a private interview with just the child (no parents allowed!), to family testing, IQ and character testing, and extensive reports from previous schools, to hold your own is quite the feat. But from easily reading 6th grade level words such as ‘assault’ and ‘punishable,’ to charming the admissions staff with his mental prowess and undeniable aplomb, Sebastien somehow sailed through the ordeal that is gaining admissions to New York City private schools.

Genie Academy is still building Sebastien's logic abilities with the new coding program. Every week he builds his knowledge of computers while learning real-world HTML languages. Most programs don't start until students are in 6th grade, but he's able to learn it while only being in 4th grade! He works through our project-based curriculum and learns how to build sites while tackling real world logic and math problems.

Congrats, little guy – at this rate, college is sure to be a breeze!

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