Genie Academy Student achieves 99th Percentile in the Iowa Assessments

When Katherine L joined Genie Academy, she wasn’t doing so well in school. Now, just a year later, little Katherine scored in the 99th percentile of the Iowa Assessments! Mom, Dinara, admits “When I got the report, I was surprised. To be honest, I was shocked. She did very well. I loved it.”

The Iowa Assessments is a national achievement test for grades K-8, administered annually. The test measures Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Listening, Mathematics, Computation Skills,Success-Stories-Katherine-L-Iowa-Assessments Social Studies and Science. Last year, when Katherine was in 1st grade, she hadn’t performed so well. This year, however, not only did Katherine score above the 80th percentile in all Core Sections, but she even achieved the 99th percentile in Computations Section! This means that Katherine is in the top 1% of all second graders when it comes to Mathematical Operations.

Mom credits her sudden academic liftoff to Genie Academy’s advanced curriculum and awesome teaching practices. “Honestly, I like that Genie Academy goes ahead of what they are doing in school. They are starting division here. In school she hasn’t even started multiplication. So basically, she is prepared for everything she is going to do in school.”

Katherine’s growth isn’t limited to just math, however. The Reading Genie program has definitely changed her approach to Language Arts. Before starting, Katherine “used to not like reading as much. But now she loves it!” Her Reading Genie teacher, Niara, has seen a drastic improvement in her writing skills. “When she first started she only wrote one paragraph. Now she can write five paragraphs. We have come a long way.”

With all the hard work she has put in, it really is no surprise that little Katherine scored in the top 1% of students. We can’t wait to see how much more you grow, Katherine! Keep making us proud.

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