Fifth Grade Student Surpasses New Jersey Gifted & Talented Program!

In 4th Grade itself, Krish P had been accepted to Franklin Township’s Gifted and Talented program, after consistently exceeding expectations in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). Now, however, his performance on the ELA New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJLSA) was so high that the school had to design a special accelerated program, just for him!

Success-Stories-Krish-P-Gifted-And-Talented-Franklin-TownshipIn Spring 2019, Krish’s composite score on the ELA-NJLSA not only jumped from a 4 to a 5, but it also drastically outperformed the school, district, and even state average! Hence, Claremont Elementary decided to create a special English Program just for him. According to Mom “basically, he chooses his own course curriculum to study for English… so he has to do more.”

Mom credits much of Krish’s growth in English and the NJLSA to the Genie Academy practices. “I like the concept and practice aspects of Genie Academy's curriculum. He is grasping much faster, and what he learned was a little different… it is very systematic… I have experienced other tutoring places and this is much better.”

Moreover, Mom is most happy that Genie Academy “understands the parents needs.” As a working mother, “I was unable to give him enough time, because of my profession.” But with Genie Academy, she found she could comfortably focus on her own work, knowing he was “in good hands.”

As Krish himself can attest, at Genie Academy, “the teacher adjusts to your standards. The books explain a certain strategy you could follow. Also, Genie Academy’s Core Curriculum is really helpful because it aligns with the school’s [curriculum]. So when I learn the content later in school, it’s a lot easier, because I already know it. Also Genie Academy’s Core Curriculum is really helpful because it aligns with the school’s. When I learn the content in school it becomes easier.”

In just one year after joining, Krish now claims “I feel more confident and I get getter grades… at school, my friends ask me for help.” And obviously they would, given that he outperformed Claremont Elementary’s Gifted and Talented curriculum, and is now on an accelerated track of his own!

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