Kindergarten Genie Academy Student Scores in Top 2 Percentile in National Terra Nova Aptitude Exam

Vanessa was only 4 years old when her older sister Ella joined Genie Academy. Mom didn’t plan on sending Vanessa Success-Stories-Vanessa-Math-Genie-Plainsboroyet as she was so young, but Vanessa had different plans. After a few weeks of pestering, young Vanessa was sitting in a colorful Plainsboro classroom, learning abacus and taking full advantage of the innovative curriculum by our experienced Plainsboro math tutors near you. Now, Mom is convinced: the earlier kids start, the better. “The younger you start, the better it is… the brain is like a sponge at this age, it’s really much easier to soak these things up earlier! Vanessa is at the top of the class, in terms of Math” and she’s at the top of the nation, having scored in the 98th percentile in the Terra Nova 2 (CAT 6) exam, in Kindergarten!

But Vanessa’s achievements aren’t just limited to academics. She’s grown tremendously in terms of her focus and social interactions, as well! Mom recalls, before Genie Academy, Vanessa had always been very shy and quiet. “In pre-K, her teachers raised concerns that she didn’t speak in class. She was very quiet, and didn’t speak unless she was spoken to.” Now after coming to Genie Academy and interacting, socially with peers and teachers who are interested in learning has increased her “confidence in herself and in her abilities… Now, you can hear her even in the next room... Her confidence has increased, dramatically.” She will raise her hand in school to answer questions because she knows she knows the answer and she believes in herself.

The Earlier The Better!Success-Stories-Vanessa-Terra-Nova-Plainsboro

According to her teacher Mr. Phil, this is exactly the benefit of starting Genie Academy early. “When a child starts young, like Vanessa, their brains are still developing and they can absorb our inputs far faster and better than older students can. Just the way they learn Abacus or the effect of our mental mathematics method will have is at a different level.”

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