Genie Academy Student Tops District in Online Math Competition

First Grader Seeyal J. has always enjoyed Mathematics, but according to dad, Manish, Genie Academy South Plainfield gave Seeyal “an extra kick and helped him have a new understanding” of how Math can apply to all areas of life.Success-Stories-Seeyal-Math-Competition-Woodbridge

This shift in understanding enabled little Seeyal to place in the top scorers for an online Math competition his school, Robert Mascenik School regularly competes in. The competition comprises grades K-5, and each grade has three classes. For little Seeyal to score so high, even against 10 year olds is quite amazing!

Dad believe that his early introduction to the Abacus Method and visualizing Math Problems made a huge difference in Seeyal’s relationship with Math. In fact, Dad asserts that when he enrolled Seeyal in Genie Academy, his “main goal was not to learn addition or subtraction. The main goal was to visualize things, which Abacus has the potential to do. And this is something that is not taught at the school.”Seeyal-Math-Competition-Top-Player-Award

Before Genie Academy, Seeyal would practice Math with his grandparents (addition, subtraction, and other traditional operations). Though he was very good with these operations, his relationship with Math began and ended with these academic sessions.

Now, in the two years since he has joined, Seeyal has found the fun of Math! Specifically, Dad mentions that he started applying math to whatever was around him. For example, Seeyal likes to “calculate how many miles we have left to travel and other day-to-day problems… his mind is more active, always seeing and doing Math.”

Seeyal-Gifted-And-Talented-WoodbridgeThis is evident in other areas of Seeyal’s life as well. Though he is only 7, when Seeyal plays games, such as chess, he takes the time to wonder about what the other person is thinking, and plan his next moves accordingly. Such precocious strategy shows neural developments that are quite advanced for Seeyal’s age.

But according to Dad, this is the benefit of joining Genie Academy at a young age. The pedagogical practices and heavy focus on visualizations and independence cultivate a more focused and confident child. It’s all part of the methodology to find the inner genius within every child.

And our little whizkid was even invited to join Woodbridge Township's Gifted in first grade! Is your child next?

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