First Grade Student Accepted into Gifted & Talented Program

Srinika N. has been accepted into her school’s G&T program, for the second year in a row! Srinika was just starting Kindergarten when her parents enrolled her in Genie Academy - North Brunswick. At the time, according to Mom, “she was barely reading sentences… but now, just a year later, she is reading well. She finishes her book completely by herself!”

Success-Stories-Srinika-Gifted-And-Talented-North-BrunswickCurrently a first grader, Srinika is getting outstanding in all of her subjects, and has been invited to join the highly competitive Gifted and Talented Program for the second time. Her parents believe Genie Academy’s techniques gave her the extra push needed, specifically in terms of her reading skills. Prior to joining, Mom had been worried, because Srinika had struggled to read complete sentences and to understand what her homework questions were asking. “Now, when the homework question comes, she is able to read the homework part all by herself and she can explain it perfectly.”

Mom also believes that enrolling  Srinika at a young age created a world of difference in her approach to academics, especially when compared to her peers. Specifically, Srinika has become extremely proactive and focused. “She kind of gets it, you know… that you have to do you work. No matter what, she does her job, and we just have to watch.”

In fact, when we asked Srinika what she liked most about Genie Academy, she admitted, the homework was her favorite part.

Do you want your child to enjoy learning and take an independent role in their own growth, like little Srinika? Enroll them early in a Genie Academy class, and see if you can spot the difference.

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