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Every Child is a Genius

Every child is a genius but most are not given the opportunity to reach their highest potential. In order to help students unleash their genius, we believe that children must be taught according to their own individualized learning strategies.

Individual Learning Strategy

There are a few learning strategies that show how a child learns. Some children learn visually, by seeing things demonstrated. Others are auditory and learn best by hearing explanations. Others children are kinesthetic and learn best by touching or feeling things. There are even children who learn by using an internal digital learning strategy in which they use self-talk and internal dialogue.

Learning strategies exist on a continuum. That is each child processes information across all three modalities and may incorporate any of the strategies at any time. For example, a child may be primarily kinesthetic, but also moderately visual. Another child may be primarily auditory, but moderately kinesthetic. Each child’s learning strategy is unique and we try our best to determine what it is.

It Really Works

By concentrating on learning strategies, children who may have been failing in school suddenly experience breakthroughs. For example, one child, Michael K., who was classified as learning disabled, entered our program at age 10. We determined that Michael was inherently a kinesthetic learner who learned with his body. Michael was very motivated when he was building Legos or engaged in the arts, but he lost interest and had no confidence when it came to things like math.

Because of this lack of confidence and inability to complete certain tasks, he failed at math and became classified as learning disabled. At Genie Academy, the first thing we did was give Michael a learning-strategy assessment. We found out that Michael learned by using his hands. When he was presented with the abacus, he brightened. Here was something he could hold and touch. Pushing the beads up and down gave Michael a new way to complete mathematical problems and understand numbers. We also tapped into his visual and auditory skills.

In three months, Michael went from an F in math to a B. By the end of the year, he achieved an A+. Michael gained confidence by using his kinesthetic learning strategy to help him learn to use the abacus. As a result, he became highly motivated to apply the skills and strategies he learned at Genie Academy to other subjects. In science, he went from a D to an A. He was moved back to the regular classes where he continues to excel.

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