Does your child have trouble focusing?

Find out how Math Genie can help increase your childs focus and concentration

Does your child have difficulty concentrating on one subject longer than a few minutes at a time? Is her attention span so short that she constantly skips from one activity to another? Does your child fidget and get bored easily? Does she lose interest?

When you talk to her, is she listening or can you see her eyes drifting a thousand miles away?

Genie Academy can help!!!

We teach children to focus by using the Abacus. This ancient tool is fun! It trains young minds to concentrate by visualizing objects in their minds.

We also teach Mental Math

Your child will do math in a different way. At Genie Academy, children do addition, subtraction, and multiplication by moving objects around in their minds. The objects are the beads of an abacus – a calculating tool that is as old as civilization itself. Once your child masters this “mental math,” he is well on his way to perfecting the discipline needed to concentrate.

Engaging Classes

Our classes are fast-paced. No child is bored. When children are fully engaged they are able to function with a high level of focus and concentration. They learn faster and have more fun.

Yoga and meditation

Every class begins with a special yoga exercise. This increases mental energy. This gives your child an advantage for the rest of the class. Then children learn to meditate. This teaches their minds to stay focused on one subject long enough to have results. Visualization is a process in which children are able to see objects in their minds and manipulate the image at will. By concentrating on doing this, children acquire discipline and razor-sharp focus.


Our classrooms have special music playing in the background. This music relaxes the brain and makes it more receptive to learning, which helps them focus more.


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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
- Gisella F

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