Genie Academy really got their brains to think

    Daughter was struggling.

    Lucy Park came to Genie Academy for help. Her daughter, Lilia, was in the first grade and was having a hard time memorizing her math facts. Lucy was struggling day in and day out trying to help Lilia with her math facts. But Lilia kept using her fingers, and the math facts just were not sticking. Lucy just hoped that Lilia could get over the hump of first grade and do well in second. Hoping and trying was not enough. Lucy said she tried everything – Lilia didn’t like it. Lucy  started looking into programs that could help Lilia do well, and that is when she found Genie Academy. Genie Academy was not like the other programs. Lucy recalls that Kumon was just a bunch of paperwork, and the kids are just memorizing. Clearly, memorizing was not working for Lilia. Lucy decided to try Genie Academy. She enrolled both Lilia and her younger son Jason.

    What has the program done for Lilia and Jason?

     In just 8 months of being a Genie Academy, Lucy says that, “Genie Academy got their brains to really think.” She has seen a huge improvement in second grade. Now, Lilia is a A+ student, and her teacher says she is so good at math. Lilia’s grades have skyrocketed, and she gets perfect scores on all of her math facts, the ones that she was struggling with just a few months ago. She does not even have to study or practice. The math has become easy for her! Lucy says that she cannot even keep up. She has to figure out the math problems, but for Lilia and Jason, it is so natural! Now, she loves going to Genie Academy, and she is always excited for class. In school, she knows she is doing well, and this makes her like it much more. She definitely doesn’t use her fingers anymore.
    For Jason, the progress is just unbelievable. He is in Pre-K and just turned 5. He is doing double digit addition and subtraction. Lucy is sure that Kindergarten and first grade will be a breeze for him. Jason’s Pre-K teacher calls him a star student. She says that she is very “mature, focused, and other kids model after him.” Other kids look to him for answers. They wait to see what Jason says. Jason’s performance in school definitely makes Lucy very proud!

    How is Genie Academy different?

    Lucy thinks that Genie Academy is different for a few reasons. First off, other programs that claim to help with math give lots of homework, too much practice, and expect kids to blindly memorize all of the math facts. With Genie Academy, the abacus approach allows kids to use a tool to SOLVE the math problems. Lilia is not memorizing! She is actually thinking and doing the math. Lucy says, “It’s not just the math. It is well rounded, and they are using so much more of their brain. It’s not just memorizing or redundancy.”

    Experience at Genie Academy

    Lucy said, “I am so glad I decided Genie Academy for my kids. I got a little mailer and searched online with some research. Genie Academy was my first choice, and I knew it would be a better program than the others.”

    Benefits of Genie Academy

    Other than her children’s grades going up, her son being above level, and her daughter having much more confidence, Lucy says that she is so happy that her kids are excited about going up a level and doing well. For Lilia,  her confidence has gone through the roof. She was so quiet, and now she is opening up a lot, raising her hand, and participating more. Everyone labeled her “shy”, but she is now doing cheerleading! Lucy recalls that other parents were shocked that Lilia did cheerleading. Lilia is also very interested in art, and she loves ceramics/ and painting. Both Lilia and Jason started swimming too. They have also both wanted to learn the piano, so they will be starting that too. Lucy is proudest of the confidence that Lilia and Jason have.  They now have that “I can do it” attitude.

    The Kids Love it too!

    Lucy’s kids love coming to Genie Academy! They love having a tool to do math on (the abacus), and they thought it was so cool to use the abacus for math! They love the games and the unity in class. Lilia and Jason also say that they love learning from the classmates and motivating each other. They are able to feel responsibility and help one another in a small, close-knit group. And of course, they love the rewards, the stickers and prizes they get for doing a great job. The teachers are such a big help, according to the kids. They love their teacher because she makes them believe they can do it.

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