Ananya gets chosen for the gifted and talented program! 

Ananya success

Ananya, a loyal Genie Academy student, has been coming to us since she was in preschool. She has always enjoyed challenging herself academically and works very hard to improve all the skills she can. In fact, at one point she took a break from Genie Academy because her parents felt she was too far ahead! 

Ananya loves to read and has entered summer reading programs at East Brunswick library and South Brunswick library. In her current program, she is up to 2400 minutes of reading and continues to read, explore new topics, and expand her vocabulary. She has also increased her reading comprehension skill and worked hard to understand the personality of characters in the books she reads.

Her most recent achievement is being chosen for her school’s gifted and talented program, which gives her access to more complex lessons about math and science. In the past, she has learned about entrepreneurship, various STEM projects, and digital communication.

Now, her new program will allow her to learn even more about engineering design and business. One project she worked on even allowed her to create a business and calculate specific costs and profits for her business plan, which gives her incredible skills to use in the future! 

Ananya success photo

According to her father, “she always likes to be challenged”, and this can be seen in her Genie Academy classes when she asks about working with larger numbers in her next abacus book or using new vocabulary words in her writing. She is a very dedicated student, and it's obvious that she loves to learn. 

We can’t wait to continue working with her, and see what accomplishments come next! 


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