Abacus Student Gets Into Chesterfield NJ’s Gifted & Talented Program and Advanced Math Program

Shankar jpg6th grader Shankar has been accepted into Chesterfield NJ’s Gifted and Talented Program and Advanced Math Program. His father, Sathya, shares how the abacus math program nurtured Shankar’s whole brain development.

Sathya wanted to start Shankar’s education on a better footing. Knowing that the abacus tool greatly improves a child’s math skills and learning abilities, he enrolled him in Genie Academy’s abacus program since kindergarten. He wanted Shankar to reap the benefits of the abacus as early as possible. Now, thanks to Sathya’s early intervention, he has become an exceptional and well-rounded student.

Sathya already noticed exponential growth in his math skills as he was learning the abacus. His school records started coming out great and he eventually got ahead in his studies compared to his peers. What amazed him more though is how it also developed Shankar’s creativity. He’s very interested in the arts and music and has been playing the piano for six to seven years now. He saw that the abacus tool nurtured not only Shankar’s logical part of the brain but his creative side, too. “[The abacus program] is overall brain development”, he says. “It definitely helped his brain focus better and mature earlier than his peers.” 

Ultimately, Shankar’s well-rounded abilities earned him a spot at New Jersey’s Gifted and Talented Program as well as his school’s Advanced Math Program. He says that Shankar breezed through the selection process, able to solve most of the problems quickly and without his help. 

Sathya thanks Genie Academy for fostering a healthy learning environment, which enabled Shankar to excel in school. “The main thing I like about Genie Academy is its personalized coaching and small class sizes,” Sathya says. Teachers get to know the students personally and teach according to their skill level. They also communicate about the student’s progress after each class, which shows their dedication to each student’s growth.
Sathya shares that Shankar wants to become a videogame designer when he graduates. With everything he’s achieved so far, we know he’ll succeed with flying colors!

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