Christy Wins 1st Prize in Short Story Contest for 6th Grade in Linwood Middle School 

6th Grade student wins Short Story writing competition in Linwood Elementary school

Onoour very own Reading genies, Christy Lim just recently placed first in a writing competition. Linwood Middle School held a writing contest with three categories, short story, poetry, and persuasive essays. One winner would be selected for each of these categories from all of the submissions. Out of all of the sixth grader's Christy placed first place in the short story contest. Christy’s short story was about friendship and the importance of making safe decisions. The storyline follows a girl who was acting recklessly and loses her best friend because of her actions and behaviors. The story explores various themes that include, friendship, love loss, growth, and finding one's self.


6th Grade Short Story competition CertificateWhen Christy first came to our program, she had trouble forming descriptive or detailed statements. Her writing was very general because she didn’t understand the mechanics of being descriptive. Throughout her time at Genie Academy, she continues to become a better writer and has grown much more descriptive and detailed, as she mastered the technical portion of writing. Christy has grown more courageous with her writing and in turn, has become more creative, is reflected in her wonderfully written short story and her class.


She has also grown more passionate about writing, which is reflected in another award she won, the certificate of awesomeness, in her school for most likely to become a famous author! Good Job Christy! Keep up the Good Work!


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