Chiranshi gets in accelerated Math Program. In 5th she was doing 6th Grade Math and in 6th Grade she will be doing Algebra 1. 

Chiranshi-5th-grade-student-in-6th-gradeChiranshi, a 5th grade Math Genie student, has been learning with us since 2018. She says that before Math Genie, she had a lot of trouble grasping math concepts like division and decimals. Since then, she has improved so much that she was one of four students in her class accepted into her school’s accelerated program! Although she is in 5th grade, she will now be doing 6th grade math. 

Her father says her mental math has vastly improved, and her foundation using the abacus has helped her in common core math as well. He says that she has also picked up good habits like putting extra practice into a concept she doesn’t understand, which is a valuable skill. Chiranshi and her dad both stated how helpful it was to have teachers at Math Genie who are always willing to explain a tricky concept again. 

They give credit to Chiranshi’s teacher. “Online was also really fun with Ms. Stephanie, because even though we were online, everything was really good and clear with her.” 

Update. 7/18/2022. CHiranshi gets accepted into Algebra 1 in 6th Grade

We just found out that Chiranshi was accepted into Algebra 1 that she will learn in 6th grade. Which proves once our students get a head start they are able to maintain the headstart in the later years. 

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