Abacus Graduate is doing 8th Grade Math in Sixth grade in his school!


A 6th grade student from East Brunswick, NJ credits his time at Genie Academy for his improvement in school.

Lucas, a sixth grade student from East Brunswick, NJ, has just graduated from Genie Academy. Not only that, but in the time that Lucas has spent learning in Genie Academy, he has advanced two grade levels above his classmates in school!

Before starting at Genie Academy, Lucas felt that his grades in school were just “okay,” but wanted them to be better. Lucas’ mom, Nadia, says that she decided to enroll Lucas into Genie Academy because his older brother had joined prior in order to stay busy during the summer. Nadia says that since beginning Genie Academy, Lucas has improved tremendously.  

Life for Lucas before Genie Academy was characterized by a major struggle: school didn’t seem to be teaching much, and both Lucas and Nadia shared that sentiment. According to Nadia, Genie Academy was much more advanced and challenging, and Lucas was learning and understanding more from his Genie Academy teachers. When asked about Genie Academy’s benefits, Nadia said that the math curriculum was ahead of the school’s, so Lucas was able to learn concepts faster. Additionally, Lucas was also enrolled in the reading and writing classes and said that as a result of those classes, he can now write a “decent” essay. Nadia has seen an improvement in his vocabulary as well.

“Lucas is two levels above his classmates in reading and writing,” says Nadia with a smile.

We then asked Lucas to share what he enjoyed the most about his time at Genie Academy, and he said that he liked that he was able to learn a lot in a short amount of time. “I get to brag about it,” he says proudly. Lucas also really liked the teachers he had. He says that his favorite memory was one time when he was the only student in his class and received all of his teacher’s attention. 

As his time at Genie Academy comes to a close, Lucas shares that he feels much better as a student now than he did before joining, since he is ahead of most of his classmates. Both Lucas and his mom express their gratitude for Genie Academy, and his teachers are proud of his accomplishments!





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