Eight Year Old Genie Academy Student Tested with 6th Grade Math Skills

Zunaira Success Story

Amazing Math Skills

Zunaira has been taking the Smart Testing Skills Assessment at her school. In the exam, students are encouraged to complete as many math problems as they can. The test only ends when the student gets a problem wrong or until the student reaches the maximum of three grade levels above the current grade. In the third grade, Zunaira's teachers had to stop the exam because she past the fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade math sections.

Her mother was very impressed. She said she didn't give Zunaira any extra help at home and she wasn't getting it as school "so she's getting it from Genie Academy...sixth grade level math question at third grade level when I didn't do anything except bring her here and so obviously she's getting it from here. So, it's paying off."

The Difference Genie Academy Makes

Ever since enrolling at Genie Academy, her mom noticed that Zunaira has been more confident and eager to try more difficult math problems. She said the main issue in school was that Zunaira was not being challenged enough. Her mother enrolled her "to develop her critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and her mental strength, and be able to tackle problems mentally rather than having to rely on paper."

Mom recognized the lack in the American math curriculum and didn't want her child to be penalized for it. In Genie Academy, mom saw that Zunaira was able to develop and expand her critical thinking skills. Genie Academy allows her to continue to grow at her pace rather than hold her back to match the pace of the class. Her focus and self esteem grows every day because of Genie Academy. Mom commented that, in regards to the Genie Academy students "there's nothing holding them back if they want to go farther and there's nothing pushing them if they want to go slower. That was definitely, I guess one of the strongest things I really like about Genie Academy . It really allows her to explore herself, where she wouldn't have been able to do in school. She's not restricted."

We even asked Zunaira some of her favorite parts of Genie Academy. 

"That they make math easy," she said, "because, like what they do is, every time you do something wrong, they help you do it until you get it right, and I also liked that they have break."

When we asked how she is in math compared to her classmates, she told us, "My teacher said that I’m the best in math. So, I said I go to a math class that helps me a lot." Zunaira also told us about how much Genie Academy helps her with reading comprehension and word problems, how nice her teachers are, and how she has made many friends here.

Genie Academy has the ability to transform your child's future. Every child has to potential to be a genius if they are given the chance and the push to become the best the can be. Discover the genius your child was born to be.

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