Just A Few Months at Genie Academy Showed More Improvement than Years in Remedial Math

Lazlo Sisters Success StoryMia and her sister Ilana from Monmouth Junction, NJ have been struggling with math skills for some time. Mia entered remedial math in second grade and stayed in it for three years. Their mom, Sam, enrolled them in Genie Academy last year and instantly noticed improvements.

Before Genie Academy Mia’s tests scores were low, in the 50s and 60s. Now she routinely gets 80s and 90s on assignments. According to Sam, the teachers “kept saying that she was improving."

Happy to do Homework

Additionally, before enrolling her daughters in Genie Academy, they would fight with Sam about doing homework, and frequently get frustrated with the work, but now she says “they both apply themselves a lot more… they are doing [homework] each and everyday and keeping up with their workload. Not just with math, even with their projects they are taking the time to complete them. Most of the time, with their scheduled homework from here, they would take that half hour to complete it. I don’t have to tell them ‘Do your homework, do your homework’ they just do it on their own.”

The Genie Academy Teachers

Mia says that part of the reason she is doing better with work and homework is the Genie Academy teachers. She said “Before when we were trying to do our homework, it was a lot harder with mom trying to help us. When we were here, we got help from people that actually understand our homework, like teachers do when we go to school, unlike our parents who teach it to us the old school way.”

The Genie Academy Books and Mental Magic

Another thing that Mia thinks helps is the Genie Academy books. She said “ I would say it is definitely easier to understand because not only is it organized but it also helps you understand what you are reading. For example, if they have one page where it’s explaining how to do one topic, it helps a lot instead of asking the school’s teacher, what do you do for it. Having an explanation helps a lot.”

Sam says one of the reasons she initially signed up was the Mental Math. She hoped it would be a good skill and help with their math abilities overall. She says that her daughter, Ilana, is able to “calculate in her brain a lot faster.”

The Genie Academy Difference

Sam has recommended Genie Academy to some of her friends she says “I actually told a friend that I liked it because for them to be able to do that additional math and applying themselves is setting that regiment for them to know what they have to do. It sets that mindset—they are focused more. I like it here. I like the small class sizes, I think that’s important, and the two hours extra week for them to focus on math.”


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