Brothers from Genie Academy Receive Outstanding Integrity and Leadership Award in School!

Luke adjustedRobbie adjusted

Luke received an outstanding integrity award, while his brother Robbie got the leadership award in Holland Township School, NJ. Their mom, Casey, thanks Genie Academy’s online classes for developing qualities that propelled them to excel in school.

On top of getting recognized for these exceptional qualities, Luke and Robbie are doing Math one level higher than their peers. Luke’s in second grade, while Robbie’s in first grade but they’re way ahead in Math from their peers and they’re at par in reading. 

At first, Casey just didn’t want Luke and Robbie to be at the lower reading and math group, a tendency young boys have compared to young girls, according to the book Boys Adrift. She didn’t want her kids to be left behind in school. Being surpassed by their peers can make them lose their confidence and motivation to learn. To prevent this frustration, she enrolled her kids in Genie Academy’s Online math and reading classes from preschool. 

While learning in Genie Academy, however, they even surpassed their grade level in Math. Genie Academy’s programs and teachers also reinforced a good work ethic, consistency, and accountability, which helped her kids develop leadership and integrity. 

Aside from this, she says that her kids’ confidence and willingness to learn improved exponentially. Genie Academy has given them the confidence to push through their feelings of inadequacy or fear of getting things wrong. It has also given them a head start on their peers, allowing their brain to develop and have it click on time in the classroom. She also wants to thank their teacher, Kamran, for keeping them on track with their lessons while understanding their limits. Even if they get distracted, he gently guides them back. “He understands how to meet a child where they are, in the mental state of where they are.” 

Now, Robbie offers to read his Genie Academy books even after school hours and Luke keeps asking when they’ll visit Genie Academy again. “If they didn’t have Genie Academy” she says, “they wouldn’t have the confidence. They wouldn’t be where they are right now.”
“Now I understand it’s the secret sauce. And I’m hoping that this gets to one more parent.” In a school system where you need to prove your child’s giftedness first before they can advance, Genie Academy has become her advocate to get her kids to an exceptional level. 

“This is the program that’s not only going to change my kid’s life, it’s going to change their trajectory into the future. Not only that, it’s going to propel them to where they want to be faster and more efficiently.”

We have no doubt this is only the beginning of greater things for Luke and Robbie!

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