Mariam Chosen for Gifted and Talented Program. One of only 4 students selected. 


Mariam, has been accepted into the Gifted and Talented program for her school district. in Sayreville, NJ.  She is one of four students in her school who were admitted into the program. 

When Mariam began with Genie Academy, she was already a great reader and above Grade Level. However her mom wanted her to improve her vocabulary. A good reader should have a good vocabulary. She could read very well for her grade. However comprehension was a challenge. She also struggled with grammar and needed to develop as a writer. In the few years Mariam has been in Genie Academy she was able to master her vocabulary, Grammar and has turned into a very good writer. In second grade, she was reading at a fourth grade level, but had goals to improve even further. During her time here, she has been able to improve her reading comprehension and vocabulary as well as her overall reading skill. Currently in third grade, she is about two years above grade level in reading ability.

She has also worked hard to practice various writing skills, including expanding her vocabulary. During her writing practice, she has also improved her grammatical knowledge. 

Mariam’s mother says she is a competitive student with big goals for herself. She is doing very well in school, and is a wonderful independent worker.  We are very excited to see how Mariam progresses in her future grades. Wish you the very best. 

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