Fourth Grade student is accepted into Accelerated Math Program in school


Genie Academy helps 9-year-old student from Marlboro, NJ advance in his math classes

Michael has just been accepted into the Accelerated Math Program at Morganville, NJ schools. Starting Genie Academy at just 9 years old, Michael has been able to progress faster in school as a result of his hard work in the program.

Michael’s father, Michael, Sr., knew of his love for math before enrolling him in Genie Academy, and hoped that the program would challenge him in new ways. He says, “Bringing him here has really challenged him and helped him grow outside of the normal classroom [routine].” Michael’s parents enrolled Michael in Genie Academy seeking help to make Michael be the best person he could be. Since starting Genie Academy, Michael has grown fonder of learning new skills, and has even taught many of his family members how to solve math problems on the abacus. 

When asked of their experience so far at Genie Academy, Michael, Sr.  responded, “It has been phenomenal. It’s been challenging, which is a good thing. It has pushed him to do well.” Michael truly enjoys his classes and constantly works hard to master new concepts and ensure that he understands everything he is learning. Additionally, learning to work independently at Genie Academy has helped Michael tremendously in his advanced academic setting.

“The program has taught him how to learn and to focus on the task at hand,” comments Michael’s father. 

Michael tells us that his favorite part of Genie Academy is, unsurprisingly, excelling in math. He works very well on his own, but does not shy away from asking questions and seeking help from his teachers when he needs it. At school, Michael uses the skills he has gained at Genie Academy to help his classmates. One of those skills is multiplication, which he learned at Genie Academy before beginning to learn it in school. He says that by the time he got to the third grade, he was already ahead. 

Michael’s teachers at Genie Academy are very proud of how far he has come since starting the program at such a young age. We are excited to see where Michael’s determination, passion, and accomplishments take him!


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