Genie Academy student joins more advanced classes! 


Zoe started at Genie Academy with the goal of advancing to more difficult classes and catching up to her peers at school. Specifically, she wanted to improve her reading and writing abilities. 


After working with us, Zoe’s family reports that her skills have greatly improved. She has been reading and writing much more fluently, and especially likes books about history. She is aware of what areas she wants to put more effort into, and her self-awareness helps her work independently to reach her goals. Her mom says that even Zoe’s time management skills have improved, and she now makes decisions about how to balance her school work with assignments from Genie Academy. 


Zoe’s mother attributes her success to her Genie Academy Coaches. They gives her a lot of motivation, and a lot of confidence,” she said. The Coaches have  worked with Zoe on these things by using positive affirmations and accountability charts. Zoe has gotten into good school habits like homework routines and constant practice. 


She also reported that Zoe has become more comfortable in social situations, and is more sure of herself overall. Zoe has improved her long term memory, raised her grades, and even has dreams to be a lawyer. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
- Gisella F

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