Abacus Math Graduate from Marlboro NJ Is Doing 9th Grade Math in 7th Grade!

Hei Lui

Abacus graduate and 7th grader Hei Lui is doing 9th grade Math! She’s also been in the English honor roll for two straight years. Her mom, Zhanyi, shares how Genie Academy helped Hei Lui become an exceptional and well-rounded student.

In 2nd grade, Hei Lui started getting bored in class because Math became too easy for her. Wanting to revive her interest in learning, her mom Zhanyi looked for programs outside school that would challenge Hei Lui. During her search, she got intrigued by Genie Academy’s abacus math program. “At the time I was looking for something to supplement her math class...something new that would stimulate her and that was not taught in school. Genie Academy had something different from all the other tutoring places, which is the abacus.” 

Besides enriching Hei Lui’s math skills, the abacus program was also a total exercise for her brain. “Math is her stronger subject and being with Genie Academy helped reinforce her skills and ultimately get into the math honors program,” Zhanyi shares. 

On top of the abacus program, Hei Lui also enrolled in reading and writing. “She was having a hard time [in 4th grade reading] and we were also having a hard time giving her the support she needed, so we tried Genie Academy’s reading and writing class.” She says that both helped a lot in improving Hei Lui’s grades, to the extent that she became part of the English honor roll two years in a row. Zhanyi credits Genie Academy for helping Hei Lui not only get back on track but also excel in a subject she was struggling with. “The biggest help is the reading and writing because she was really struggling. Now she’s made it to the English honors in 6th and 7th grade.” 

Through Genie Academy’s different programs, Hei Lui has now become a well-rounded student excelling in different areas. She qualified for 9th grade Math in 7th grade and is part of the English Honors list. Outside of school, she does painting and is planning to write a fiction book with her friends. 

When we asked Zhanyi how she finds Genie Academy, she only had good words to say. “It has been great. I like that they have a relatively small class size and they teach kids according to their ability. My husband also mentioned that they don’t just give out worksheets, unlike other tutoring places.” Her experience with the teachers has also been positive. “Everytime we have concerns, they listen and they try to make adjustments.” They had Hei Lui retested a few times because some of the lessons were already taught in school and self-reviewed by Hei Lui. “We made adjustments a few times and it was an easy experience.” 

Hei Lui is proof that parents don’t have to wait for kids to fail in school before enrolling them in learning programs. Besides helping children catch up with their peers, these programs are also designed to reinforce their strengths and skills. Thanks to Zhanyi, Hei Lui’s genius has been nurtured, which would propel her to where she wants to be faster and more effectively. 

Keep it up, Hei Lui. We have no doubt this is only the beginning of greater things for you!

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