Marlboro, NJ Second Grader Gets into Math Gifted and Talented Program


Genie Academy helps second grade student strengthen his math skills.

Aarav has recently been accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program for math at his school. While he is only in the second grade, Aarav has remained at the top of his class, usually earning perfect scores on his exams. Gifted and Talented Programs are designed to challenge students who are ahead of their classmates, and Aarav has certainly earned his spot in the program.

Aarav began Genie Academy when he was just in kindergarten. He currently learns both Abacus Math and Common Core, both of which have positively influenced his math skills. When asked to share his favorite part of Genie Academy, Aarav responded: “I love Common Core and learning new things.” In class, Aarav strives to do his best work, and when he makes a mistake, he is determined to learn from it, not let it hold him back. Because of Genie Academy, Aarav believes that he has gotten better and faster at adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing in school. Aarav says he feels happy at Genie Academy, and he always comes prepared and eager to learn.

“His forte is mathematics. He has great analytical skills and if you see the way he calculates, those things are really awesome,” Aarav’s dad states proudly.

According to Aarav’s dad Abhishek, Aarav has always loved math, and he has great analytical skills. In fact, Aarav loves math so much that he says his best memory at Genie Academy was a recent Common Core exam he completed, on which he scored a 96%. The way Aarav can calculate mathematical equations using just his mind is impressive, especially for a second grader. Genie Academy has helped enhance Aarav’s passion for math, and as a result, dad notes an improvement in other subjects like science and programming. Aarav has been able to use the skills he has learned at Genie Academy and transfer them to different areas.

At eight years old, Aarav is a bright and confident student who constantly seeks to learn and improve. When his work is done, Aarav asks for more. He has fun when he is challenged, and it does not take much time for him to understand new concepts. Abhishek says that he has had a fantastic experience at Genie Academy so far, and he is even ready to enroll Aarav’s younger brother, too!

Words from Aarav’s Genie Academy Teacher: Ms. Chantal

“It is so refreshing to teach a student like Aarav. He always comes to class on time, if not early, and immediately starts working without being told to. Every week, I prepare extra pages for him because I know that not only does he work quickly, but he will definitely want more work to do. Aarav is a delight to have in class, and his love for learning reminds me why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place. He absolutely deserves to be in the Gifted and Talented Program at his school, and I am proud that Genie Academy is making such a positive difference in his life.” -Ms. Chantal

We can’t wait to continue working with him, and see what accomplishments come next! 


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