Genie Academy Helps Student Achieve Incredible Self-Confidence


Genie Academy program has given student Jaya the confidence to excel in school because of the foundation that was provided to her at Genie Academy.

Jaya’s father, believes Genie Academy’s mental math concepts became her foundation. Originally, Jaya was lacking basic concept knowledge in school. Because of Math’s Genie’s mental math concepts, Jaya was able to setup her foundation and take it to the next level. 

He mentions how foundations have to start at an early age because it is hard to build a stable, working foundation in middle school and high school. A child’s brain is more flexible at an early age, meaning they can grasp concepts, ideas, and thoughts better. When a child gets older, it is harder for them to understand certain concepts. Setting and starting a learning foundation at a young age is more beneficial. 

Jaya's mother, says Genie Academy helped her daughter’s self-confidence because of the knowledge she gained. 

“Her self-confidence has increased incredibly. Knowledge is power. Knowledge has been achieved in Genie Academy. The feeling of achievement has given her more confidence,” Mom said. 

Besides Jaya’s parents believing Genie Academy contributed greatly to her foundation development, Jaya also agreed.

“They did not teach many concepts in school. At Genie Academy, they came and elaborated how this is done and how this is done. In school, we take a test and don’t come back to that unit. Over here we have to think about that unit throughout the whole book,” Jaya said. 

Confidence, knowledge, and overall strength have been achieved from Genie Academy’s abacus program for Jaya. A recipe for success has been setup for her future.

“She can go further and achieve great things in life,” Mom said.

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