Genie Academy Student Constantly Stays Ahead of Peers

Math Genie gets you aheadFourth grade student Nikhil has gotten into his school’s Gifted and Talented program, thanks to learning concepts ahead of time at Genie Academy. He has shot up to a top position in his class, staying one grade level ahead and seeing a positive effect on his confidence. Nikhil’s dad told us that his continued advancement in math and in other subjects is because of Genie Academy.“This was exactly what we were looking for when we signed him up,” he said.

Getting Ahead with Genie Academy

Nikhil has been in the Genie Academy program since second grade, during which his school placed him in advanced math. Ever since then, he’s been completing advanced math courses a full grade level ahead. He has recently gotten into the school’s Gifted and Talented program, thanks in large part to Genie Academy. As a fourth grade student, he is currently studying fifth grade algebra. Learning the materials and getting ahead in Genie Academy has allowed him to launch forward in school. Genie Academy “has definitely helped him learn new skills and advance his math grade,” Nikhil’s dad said.

Nikhil said that learning math in Genie Academy before he learned it in school also helped his confidence and he is now very proud when he goes to class because he knows how to do the problems.

A Boost in Confidence and Social Skills

However, it is not just Nikhil’s math grades and skills that have improved. His confidence in his work and independence have grown a lot, and he often takes the initiative to complete his work on his own. This has caught the attention of his teachers, as Nikhil’s dad said, “His teachers always say he’s a good kid, he’s a nice kid,” and that “he’s always very focused on what he’s supposed to do and completes his work early. He’s at the top of his class.” Nikhil’s teacher has noticed his greater skill and confidence, as well as the fact that he’s more excited about school.

Nikhil has also been much more outgoing when he is talking to his parents, including asking for help when he needs it, and has blossomed socially. He’s been more social at school and more engaged with his studies. This is due in large part to how the teachers at Genie Academy always take the time to explain things, and always with patience and understanding. This helps Nikhil to come forward when he needs help, since he knows that his teachers will be there to help him master concepts.

“Thank You, Genie Academy!”

Nikhil’s focus has improved a lot, his dad said, “because he likes the Genie Academy program.” What he likes the most is the participation and involvement. His teachers at Genie Academy are helping him grasp new concepts quickly as well as cementing his understanding in what he learns at school. 

Nikhil is happy to continue working at Genie Academy, and is excited to have graduation. “We just want to say thanks to all the teachers, they give very good advisement and feedback,” Nikhil’s dad said. “Because of their involvement, it has helped Nikhil a lot.”

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