Genie Academy Student Achieves Level 5 PARCC Score

Success-Stories-grishmaa-PARCC-Assessments5th Grade super star, Grishmaa, scored 843/850 on the PARCC Assessments, achieving a Level 5 score for the very first time! According to Mom, “there was a significant improvement [in] Reading, English, Math… Last time she was in level 4 (782), this time she is on the higher side… I think a very big factor was continuing with Genie Academy.”

Specifically, Mom credits “Miss Vivian's dedication,” declaring that “she is truly one of the best teachers I have ever met.” Dad also added “that the personalized touch” at Genie Academy has greatly helped Grishmaa excel, academically. From the regular parent-teacher interaction to the care Miss Vivian exhibits, helping “ students with a particular weakness and teaching them how to improve those specific areas,” Genie Academy’s investment and involvement in every student’s achievement has helped Grishmaa take her academic achievement to the next level, literally.

Grishmaa’s parents also believe that the school-aligned curriculum at Genie Academy has helped little Grishmaa always stay “a little bit more advanced than what is being taught in school,” giving her a noticeable head start. But at the end of the day, it is the Genie Academy teachers who made all the difference. Specifically, Mom fondly recalls a memory when Grishmaa “stopped Genie Academy for 2.5 months… I told Miss Susan that I don’t want Grishmaa to be out of touch with Math… Miss Susan was also genuinely concerned with the possibility of losing touch with Math… so she gave continuous work and advice to'' ensure Grishmaa would not experience the summer slide, and start the next year ready to learn.

With such care and investment from her parents and teachers, no wonder little Grishmaa is so exceptional! Here at Genie Academy, we can’t wait to see what she does next -- and are always more than happy to help her along the way on her path to success.

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