Genie Academy Student Excels in Advanced School

Anagha excels with Math Genie

Getting Ahead from the Start

Even though the school year has only recently started, fifth grade student Anagha has already made a very positive impression as a top student at her school. She started at a new school this year where teachers rank the students individually based on their tests and assessments and place them into more challenging programs. The first report for the students will come out this December at the end of the term.

Anagha has aced all her tests so far, and has been proving herself to be an excellent student. The work has all been online, her mom told us, which makes it easy to see all the positive feedback. “I can see on every test Anagha gets comments from her teachers like ‘Great job, well done, you explained this well,’ and things like that,” she said

Anagha’s math skills have improved greatly, and after about four years at Genie Academy, thanks to the work she does and the skills she learns, she is bounding ahead of her classmates. This all points to positive things in Anagha’s academic future, where she is sure to get into more advanced programs at school.

Improvements in All Areas

Importantly, Anagha’s critical thinking skills have improved as well as her math skills. “I feel like Genie Academy  helps with focus in general,” her mom told us. “The discipline it brings, the time management, it streamlines a lot of things, it’s not just specific with math—it’s spreading to other elements as well.” Even using the abacus at Genie Academy has shown positive results. Anagha’s mom has seen the effects of using the abacus in areas even outside math, where Anagha is thinking more quickly and can find new ways to solve problems.

In this way, using an abacus is training her mind in a different way of solving a problem, which ends up being a quicker and more direct way to get to the right answer. Anagha is in the senior abacus level at Genie Academy. 

There is even a positive effect on Anagha’s social life. She is generally better able to articulate herself and to express her ideas to her peers and teachers. Her critical thinking skills that she learned at Genie Academy help her to get to the key points she needs to get across. That heightened focus and critical thinking is carrying through to how she’s acting around friends and family, where she is more able to voice her thoughts and opinions than before.

A Varied Program at Genie Academy 

An important part of Anagha’s success with Genie Academy has been the varied curriculum. Having the material and concepts split up instead of just droning numbers for a long time helps keep the material fun and interesting. “I like that it’s split up because things can get monotonous at a point with just numbers and numbers, but it has a good split of numbers and mentals, then core, all of it together,” her mom said. 

Anagha also learns more than one way of tackling a problem at Genie Academy, broadening her mind to new possibilities. It’s important for students to learn more ways of tackling problems, Anagha’s mom said, instead of learning one method and stopping there. “That’s how we were taught math, but that’s not what I see with Genie Academy because they taught her quite a few aspects of the problems,” she said. 

Even when teaching the concepts, the teachers at Genie Academy go through each step in solving a problem completely and step by step. This is important for students to see so they can methodically and competently solve each problem. This gave Anagha an important foundation to think critically and achieve success in and out of the classroom.

“Thank you to all the teachers,” her mom said. “They do it all with such patience. I feel like Genie Academy has a great mix and doesn’t concentrate too much on one element; it has other methods, too.”

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