Genie Academy Student from North Brunswick Accepted to School's Gifted and Talented Program

Success Story Arnav (NB)

Arnav is going into fourth grade this September. However, he is in an accelerated math program so he is already doing fifth grade math! His Genie Academy teacher Ms. Stephanie says "he's always motivated to do extra work than what he is assigned. If there is another student struggling with their work, Arnav is always there and ready to help."

Life Before Genie Academy

Before Genie Academy, it was very difficult for Arnav to understand math concepts. Since enrolling at 1st grade, Arnav is able to understand math better and has become more passionate about math. 

Arnav was worried and not confident in his math abilities before. He struggled with division and understanding when to use different operations. Now he is excited about his Genie Academy classes and learning new concepts like fractions and geometry. 

The Difference Genie Academy Makes

Arnav (NB) Success StoryWe asked his dad about how Genie Academy has been affecting Arnav. Dad says that Genie Academy has given his son a better understanding of math concepts and he is able to solve problems quickly. Dad also mentioned that because of the small class sizes and the quality of teachers, his son has been able to succeed. 

In school and at home, Arnav has been showing increased focused in his studies. He is able to sit for hours at a time to do his work, which is something dad said he was not able to do before Genie Academy. At school he is showing more interest in his math and other subject, compared to his peers.

All in all, dad is very happy with Arnav's success. With Genie Academy's unique approach to teaching and our teachers' dedication to student's success Arnav was able to excel.

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