Genie Academy Student gets 100% in NJ ASK

Charan got 100% on the NJ Ask in 3rd grade. We spoke to his parents about their experience in Genie Academy. Before enrolling in Genie Academy, Charan was unable to do math quickly, but thanks to the Genie Academy’s mental math, he can now quickly solve problems in his head. 
Thanks to his new abilities, Charan was able to score a perfect 100% on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge test. Plus, he was able to join his schools’ gifted and talented program, so he’s able to enjoy a more engaging and difficult math curriculum. 
Charan was one of the students who graduated from Genie Academy’s abacus program in 2017. His parents said that Genie Academy teaches the subjects differently than schools do, and that the way students learn is very fun.
Watch his full story here!


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