Genie Academy Piscataway Student Gets Accepted to Bridgewater's Academically Independent Enrichment Program

Arnav's Success StoryEarlier this year Arnav K. got accepted into Bridgewater Township’s accelerated program, the Academically Independent (AI) enrichment program. This incredibly selective program chooses students based on several academic proficiency tests. Students take seven assessments. Two of these tests are CoGat and three of them are MAP (Measure Academic Program). The last two assessments are teacher evaluations. Genie Academy student Arnav was accepted into this program.

As part of Bridgewater’s Gifted program Arnav and other gifted students are bused to a different school where they learn advanced Math skills.  The AI program offers advanced students an opportunity to develop and challenge their skills through “a multi-dimensional teaching approach.” These students have a unique curriculum and stimulating academic program.

We spoke to Arnav’s father, Mangesh on how Arnav was able to get into this program. Mangesh said that the program tested Arnav’s problem solving, pattern recognition, verbal ability and math skills. Arnav is enrolled in both MathGenie’s math program and our English language arts program. His teachers say Arnav is always engaged and excited to learn new things. MathGenie’s mental math helped Arnav develop problem-solving and pattern recognition abilities. Arnav’s brother Sohum, another MathGenie student, was also accepted in a gifted youth program –  he is a member of the Center for Talented Youth, a program offered by John Hopkins University.

MathGenie’s programs including mental math, English language arts, and coding all provide a child with advanced and unique thinking skills. Our programs open their minds to achieve long-lasting academic success.

We asked Mangesh what recommendations he has for parents who may be interested in guaranteeing their child has the best possible academic results.  He responded, “I would definitely recommend MathGenie’s math and English language arts programs and buy the CoGat Books to practice pattern recognition.” Mangesh recommends the following books for Cogat test prep: 

We at Genie Academy are very proud that Arnav got accepted into the gifted and talented program. Our teachers approach math, reading, and writing from a different angle than schools are able to. We believe that kids are naturally curious and want to learn. Every child has the potential to be a genius. Everyone at Genie Academy loves to foster a love of learning and help every child do their very best.

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