Genie Academy Student Gets Into Elite Program During Pandemic

Invited to National Youth Leadership Program Pathways to STEM


Jaynaly Jaynaly has been selected by her teacher to go to the National Youth Leadership Program Pathways to STEM which will be held at Saint John’s University. Students can only attend this program through nomination, and Jaynaly was the only student selected from her entire school! 


Students are carefully hand selected to be invited to this forum (NYLF) where they benefit from six days of STEM!  In this forum, forward-thinking elementary students are brought together to attend various workshops and practice hands-on simulations. Jaynaly is deeply fascinated by criminal investigation as well as environmental studies, which is what she will study during her time at this forum. Early exposure to STEM is ideal in a country with a rapidly increasing demand for professionals in the field.


student-invited-to-youth-leadership-program-pathways-to-stemThe Difference of Genie Academy

When Jaynaly first began Genie Academy, she was very shy and had trouble speaking up loud enough for her teachers to hear her. Jaynaly has built a wonderful rapport and relationship with one of our teachers, Ms. Kim, who helped Jaynaly come out of her shell as a young child. Throughout the years, Genie Academy has not only helped Jaynaly develop a deeper sense of confidence. Our programs have allowed her to become a whiz at mental math. In class, she is always used as an example for other students to follow and often takes the lead in her studies and assignments.




Jaynaly has received many accolades over the years for her academic achievements. She has consistently held a 97 or 98 average since kindergarten, and continues to perform at the top of her class. Jaynaly is particularly proud of this award, and feels honored to be recognized for something so special.

Despite the transition to online learning being a little tricky at first, Jaynaly's mom informed us that she it is "working out great right now." Jaynaly is enjoying Ms. Kim's class just as much as she ever has. Even though the classes are online, there is still just as much personalized interaction between teachers and their students. Rapport building with our students is something our teachers are always trying to accomplish. Teachers are genuinely interested in the well-being of their students both in and out of the classroom.

Although we may not be able to take our students to the "big abacus" in the classroom, we use a virtual abacus during online classes. This challenges student's brains even more because they get the chance to utilize both their physical/handheld and virtual abacus. This further strengthens their ability to remember the topics they learn.

The students at Genie Academy are always succeeding at something new, and earning incredible awards and achievements. We know your child has the capacity to be a genius. Sign up for a free class and assessment today at Genie Academy so we can help mold your child into the absolute best version of themselves. We can’t wait to meet you.


-The Genie Academy Team


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