Genie Academy Student Accepted into Rigorous Gifted Education Program


Anagha M. has been selected for North Brunswick's GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education) having received high marks on her standardized tests and a teacher recommendation. The GATE program is a highly rigorous after school enrichment program that will go on from 4th grade to 8th grade. 

Anagha has been doing outstanding in school so it's no surprise to us that she was accepted into the program. Her star assessments in 3rd grade showed that she was able to do 5th grade math. She was one of the only students in her class proficient in Math two grade levels above!

Having been a student at Genie Academy for almost 4 years, Anagha is no stranger to receiving high marks at the top of her class. This past year, she earned 7 different awards in school which included being selected as Student of the Month! She ended the year with a bang by earning a perfect score on her end of the year proficiency exam as a 4th grader. 

Growing up, Anagha always had an interest in math but the challenge was in getting her to sit down to understand math concepts. Her mom credits Genie Academy with helping walk her through different Math concepts step by step with a more structured, individualized program than her school's program. The mental math taught at Genie Academy has helped boost Anagha's focus and confidence which has carried over in tackling other subjects like reading and science. 

Anagha's mom said that Anagha enjoys the thorough teaching from her teachers Ms. Kim and Ms. Monica. She loves how patient her teachers are in explaining concepts until she fully understands them. She also enjoys playing the math games at the end of her lessons. 

When asked about our online classes, Anagha's mom said "The teachers are so organized. It's like in-person but I don't feel the students feel the difference because the teachers are so involved with it. I love that these classes still keep her going." 


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