Genie Academy Student jumps a grade after passing the Entrance Exam for Algebra 1 Honors.

Success-Stories-Kirthna-T-Algebra-1-HonorsKirthna T. will jump a grade in math after passing the Algebra 1 Honors exam in 7th grade. She has been a Genie Academy student for 3 years. Genie Academy's extensive help with Algebra 1 allowed her to pass the exam with flying colors.  

Her dad credits Genie Academy with helping Kirthna solidify her understanding of basic algebra. “ Genie Academy was helpful to Kirthna for taking the exam and the books she had completed already covered concepts on the exam. All she needed was some review, which was provided by Genie Academy teachers.” In 3 years, Kirthna and her dad have liked all of their teachers and found them to be very helpful. One of the greatest strengths they found with the program was the teacher communication. Overall her dad is happy that Kirthna will be studying math at a higher level than her peers. 

Kirthna says Genie Academy's resources and teachers helped her pass the exam. When asked what she likes most about Genie Academy, she said “I like how the teachers go over and explain all the details. I feel more comfortable with Algebra due to the extensive practice done during class.” Compared to her friends, she feels on par with them since they are also students in the honors program. 

Given the hard work and dedication Kirthna has put into her Genie Academy classes, it’s no surprise that she was able to pass the entrance exam. We’re more than confident that she will continue to excel in her Algebra 1 Honors class. Your child could be next.

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