Genie Academy Student Repeatedly Scores Above 100% on Math Assessments


Nikita joined Genie Academy in Kindergarten and her mom, Monica, said she had Nikita join so she could become smarter. Since joining Genie Academy’s abacus program three years ago, Nikita’s math scores, speed, confidence, and abilities have sky-rocketed. In first grade, she got a 67 out of 67, an 100%, on her end of the year assessment. In second grade, she got a 19 out of 16, which is a 120%, then in third grade, she got a 32 out of 30. This latest one is 31 out of 27, or 115%.

Success at School and Home

Even her teacher in school acknowledges that Nikita is one of the smartest students and lets her help other students in her class. Nikita is one of the fastest students in class and is also able to quickly complete homework.

Her mom says "her progress has shown that she has become so much more confident in herself and she is helping her friends out. As she progresses, I see really good progress in math. She has become very confident in herself and her progress is amazing. Frankly, I don’t have to do any extra preparations for her math tests in school. I am confident that she will do well and it’s all thanks to Genie Academy."

The Difference the Abacus Makes

A lot of Nikita's speed is thanks to learning the abacus math method. Her mom says, "Whenever we go anywhere in a car, we play this game where I ask these math facts, and she’s supposed to answer. I can see with just her doing those hands, and even in her mind, she can really figure out the answer very quickly. It is really amazing how this Abacus method has helped her."

Does the Abacus Confuse Kids in School?

Both Nikita and her brother, Ishaan, learned abacus math at Genie Academy. Their mom, Monica, said " I was asked this question a lot of times and I would say that the abacus doesn’t confuse the kids because even though the teacher may tell students that this is how you do it, at the end of the day all that matters if you can do it mentally-- if you can use those “abacus mentals”. I don’t think it has ever been a problem."

"Ishaan started Genie Academy when he had not even started kindergarten. It was never a problem for him, it never confused him, and now he’s in sixth grade and he is in Math Prime (an accelerated math program for 6th grade and above), and still his teachers always give me a very positive response. He has been getting really good grades. I don’t think at all, that this Abacus method has confused him in any way. Instead, it has made his math much more stronger."

The Earlier the Better

Monica believes that learning the abacus has helped both of her children get accepted in gifted and talented programs. They both started the program very early and have excelled in math ever since. Ishaan graduated Genie Academy in fourth grade and has been in advanced math programs ever since.

Monica says the earlier you start Genie Academy, the better. “The teachers are just really awesome,” she says “It’s really great how good the teachers are with the kids. I don’t see them yelling or getting impatient with them. I would strongly recommend people to do this, it makes their math stronger, and most importantly, it doesn’t make them depend on the calculator.”

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