Genie Academy Student Selected for Math Olympiad and makes Honor Roll in 3rd & 4th grade!

Anish G. achieved Honor Roll every marking period, for both 3rd and 4th Grade. He was also also selected for his school’s highly competitive Math Olympiad team earlier this year!

Parents credit the Genie Academy method and teaching expertise for boosting Anish’s math performance and overall confidence in school. “Before Genie Academy, Anish knew only basic math in school. They were not able to solveAnish problems quickly and easily, and were learning the only concepts as the teacher taught them… but since coming to Genie Academy, he has built up a tremendous amount of confidence. Now he even helps others with Math!”

When asked where specifically Anish has shown growth, Mom mentioned that, initially, Anish “counted on his fingers to solve problems – he was not thorough in his basics.” Since joining 2 years ago, however, Anish has learned that Math can be fun! “This program has made math much easier for Anish and taught him a different way to do and learn Math that he would never have known… he can easily solve a variety of different computations, and can quickly compute difficult questions mentally.”

Now, Anish even helps higher grade students with their homework! It really is no surprise to his Genie Academy teacher, Ms. Meghan, that he made his school’s Math Olympiad team. “Anish is a hard working, dedicated student. He continuously worked hard on learning the various skills on the abacus, and he quickly rose above grade level. After completing the abacus, he became a great helper in the class and continues to use the skills learned on the abacus to help him achieve in school.”

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
- Gisella F

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