Genie Academy Student Struggled and Hated Reading, Now at Top of his Class in the Honors Program

Robert describes his reading abilities before Genie Academy as below average and says Genie Academy was a tool that made learning fun.


In the present day, Robert is at the top of his class for both math and reading. This wasn't always the case, but Genie Academy (formerly Math Genie) helped turn Robert into an above-average student. The program also improved his test-taking skills and confidence, and make him more independent and excited about learning new things, especially in math. He struggled with reading before but is now able to write beautifully crafted essays with ease.

“Math, I feel that’s my A+ subject,” Robert humbly states in a recent interview.

Robert describes the best benefits of Genie Academy was the help he received specifically with essay writing since that was previously his weakest skill. He learned specific tactics to improve his writing like how to elaborate, proper sentence structure, how long a paragraph should be, and so on. His writing ability has improved tremendously and he is better at spelling than he ever was before.

Genie Academy has also helped Robert come out of his shell. He’s proud of the work he completes and is continually advancing. Mom appreciates the support and push that Genie Academy teachers offer Robert to always keep him motivated and excited to learn something new. Robert works harder to please his teachers than he would usually work when he’s at home.

Robert is proud of himself for advancing in school and appreciates how kind, yet firm his Genie Academy teachers are because they keep him on track and help him to reach his potential.


Genie Academy During Covid

Robert’s mom Sarah remarked that at the start of Covid, Genie Academy did more for her son than school did. Robert said that during Covid, he was learning more material at Genie Academy than he was in school. He was learning more advanced material here at Genie Academy than in school, too. It was very hands-on, with no delay, and made easy for parents who aren't very high-tech.


Remarks from his Genie Academy teacher Ms. Kaitlin

"Robert Mankes is an excellent student to have. I have had him for Reading/Writing since Fall 2019. His motivation has really shined over the course of the pandemic. He has blossomed into an amazing writer and has also proven that perseverance is the key to success. Robert does not give up, no matter what. If he does not get the correct answer the first time, he will do everything he can to make sure he gets it the second time. I have watched him grow as both a student and individual and am SO proud of him for getting into the Honors Program! I know he will do amazing things in his educational career!"


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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
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