Genie Academy Student gets into Advanced Math Program at School


Genie Academy student, Aashi, got accepted into Piscataway Township's Advanced Math (LEAP) program. This is a very selective program as only 2 students from the whole class got accepted.

The whole class was tested unannounced and two students were selected.

They will be going to a specialized math class every week where they will be learning advanced mathematics. These students will miss an hour of school each week. They still complete their regular work, but also get advanced material. Thanks to Genie Academy, Aashi’s teacher and parents have no worries that Aashi will be able to handle this extra course load.

"Aashi got accepted to the program because of Genie Academy. She is very confident in math because now she knows that she is ahead of everybody in the class.” says Vaishali, Aashi's mom. 

Aashi is already doing fourth grade math in Genie Academy even before she started the LEAP program. With LEAP and Genie Academy Aashi will be very advanced in math by the end of the year.

Aashi’s mom told us how important the abacus was for her daughter’s success. With the abacus, Aashi is able to understand how to get the answers to regular math problems as well as her word problems. The abacus teaches the logic that she needed to get ahead and get into the LEAP program.

Aashi has been with Genie Academy for three years. Her parents and teachers have seen great improvements in her confidence and Aashi looks forward to every class her at Genie Academy. “It isn’t just studying,” her mom says, “it’s studying with fun.” Aashi is applying her newfound confidence and excitement it in all areas of learning. “Overall, she has a better attitude towards learning new things,” said her mom, “she isn’t afraid of anything.”

Lastly, we asked her mom if she had any piece of advance for other parents. She told us “If your child is still young, then don’t wait until second or third grade and think, ‘oh they’re too young, maybe later on they might need it.’ It’s always important to have that concrete base. Don’t wait too long. If you did wait too long, then it’s better to just start.”

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