Riaan a Kindergartener got selected in the Gifted and Talented program!


Riaan                    Riaan-gifted-and-talented

Riaan has been selected for his School's Gifted and Talented program in Kindergarten in Marlboro Township, New Jersey. While he is only in kindergarten, Riaan is doing addition and subtraction with three-digit numbers and is always ready for some quick mental math. His mother says Riaan is so skilled that some math problems he is given at school he doesn’t even have to think about before answering. 

Some concepts on the abacus require more practice than others, but Riaan is willing to work hard to find the right answer to every problem he tries. He uses his abacus skills to make his mental math stronger and never resorts to counting on his fingers, even though that is a popular tactic in his age group. 

Riaan says his favorite part of Genie Academy is getting to do addition and subtraction problems, especially when they help him solve a puzzle at the end of a page! After working with Coach Chantal on the abacus, Riaan has taken a step closer to reaching his full potential. 

We can't wait to see what Riaan achieves next. 

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