Shy Student Blossoms in School Thanks to Genie Academy 

meghanas success

Seeing Improvement in Several Areas

Meghana, a fourth grade student, has come a long way in the nearly three years she has been a part of the Genie Academy program. When her parents enrolled her in the program, she was not struggling in school, but was not yet excelling, either. They needed a program close to home that would help her to improve her academic skills, as well as help her to come out of her shell. Her reading and writing skills were also a bit lacking, where Meghana would only write a minimal three or four sentences without much detail. What she did write had some grammar problems, too. Her teachers would also express some concerns for her reading skills, and she was not reading out loud much. 

After about three years in Genie Academy and Reading Genie, Meghana has had leaps in improvements in her academic skills. “She’s improved a lot, and because of Genie Academy, she is way ahead of other kids in school,” her dad told us. At her school’s regular parent–teacher meetings, her teachers now give consistently positive feedback for Meghana’s work. In both math and reading, she earns high grades every marking period. Her teachers also report that she is always first to finish her homework and other assignments. 

Her parents have seen a lot of improvement in Meghana’s schoolwork. “She is now writing and elaborating more, I have seen that improvement,” her dad said. “It looks like she is also getting better knowledge with her grammar skills.” Her dad also noted that she is a very focused student, and will always take care of her homework in a timely manner. They do not have to guide or remind her, either; Meghana works and manages her schoolwork independently. 

Importantly, Meghana has also come out of her shell during her time at Genie Academy. “She is an introvert, a bit shy when talking to people, but she is coming out of that,” her dad said. “She is catching up and becoming more vocal with her responses.” Meghana used to give shy, one-word answers when talking to her teachers, but now is becoming more vocal. This is partly because in the Reading Genie program, the students build confidence just by reading aloud what they have written every week. This allows them to practice their public speaking and interpersonal skills along with their reading and writing skills.

Individualized Attention

From his perspective, Meghana’s dad said that one of the things he likes about Genie Academy’s programs is the different workbooks. Rather than having a singular system for all the students, Genie Academy has specific and different workbooks for students at different levels of learning. This allows them to work on what they need to learn, rather than having to stay stuck on something a larger class is focused on.

Additionally, he appreciates the ability to talk to Meghana’s teachers after each class. “I like that in the break after every class they talk to the parents and allow them to raise any concerns,” he said. Of course, since Meghana is doing so well now, they have not had many concerns to bring up. “This is all thanks to you guys at Genie Academy,” her dad said. “The teachers are also very good, and actively ask what they need and how they can help.”

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