Genie Academy Student Discusses his Awesome Experience at Genie Academy

Genie Academy student Neel Patil talks about what he has learned at Genie Academy, how it has helped him in school, and how he compares to other students in his class and grade. 

With the abacus, Neel is able to do division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Neel believes the abacus helped him increase his math skills in school.

“It helped me do addition in math, so it made me get done faster and get things right,” Neel said.

Compared to other kids, Neel believes he is very good at math because of how fast he can do the problems.

“I can do it faster than kids my age. I would I am good. I can also do it correctly,” he said.

Because of his constant practice of mentals, Neel says “The abacus is engraved in my mind,” and that this will always help him when it comes to more difficult math problems in the future. 

Neel’s mother says that Genie Academy has been a good experience for the both of them and Neel’s learning of the abacus helped him with his grades in school.

“Kids can learn a lot about mental math. Before, he was not able to do. Now he can do it faster and we can see the difference in his grades,” she said. 

Genie Academy has increased not only Neel’s mental math skills, but also his grades in school. Through the use of the abacus, Neel is able to gain the knowledge, power, and speed to excel at math no matter what type of problem is placed in front of him.

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