First Grader Gains Admission to Gifted and Talented Program for Math and Reading During the Pandemic

Genie Academy's online classes help her get two grade levels ahead.  


Sevina has been tested at having Math skills that are two grade level ahead of her class. She also gained admission in to Marlboro Township, NJ's Gifted and Talented program this year.  Sevina's school teacher recommended her for the program. The school administered her a math test that consisted of word problems (requiring critical thinking skills.) In regards to ELA or English class, Sevina was administered a secret assessment by her teacher during regular class time. She scored so well in the tests that she gained admission into both the reading and math gifted and talented program at her school.

Sevina has been attending Genie Academy since she was around four years old. When she first began at Genie Academy, she didn't know how to read or write. Now at six years old, she is excelling far beyond an average  student in her grade and age level.

While she is currently in 1st grade based on her age she should be in Kindergarten but she was able to test out!

Did Genie Academy Make A Difference?

Sevina's parents initially enrolled Sevina at Genie Academy shortly after she aged out of Montessori. They looked at various tutoring centers. They ruled out Kumon after Sevina's mom's own experience with attending Kumon as a child. Let's just say-she didn't like it as a student. So they decided to give Genie Academy a try. Sevina blossomed in Genie Academy. She has not only grown academically, but also has increased her confidence and has had the opportunity to build genuine relationships with her teachers at Genie Academy.

Online Learning during the Pandemic Lockdown

When the pandemic hit, Genie Academy's classes moved from In Person to online. Initially adapting to online learning was a little tricky. However with the hardwork of the Genie Academy team Sevina was able to adapt to learning online quickly. Her mom is pleased that Sevina is excelling in her studies and always leaves her virtual class with a smile on her face.  

Genie Academy has allowed her to develop Math proficiency that's way advanced from what she is learning at school. Currently, Sevina is in the first grade and learning 3rd grade Math and 2nd grade Reading in her Genie Academy classes.

The Magic of Abacus & Mental Math

All of this is possible because we are constantly pushing our kids to practice Mental Math using the Abacus more and more. It is for good reason.  Sevina's mom describes her memory as "laser sharp." Sevina has already memorized the periodic table and the purpose of all the elements, the Presidents, all of the states and their capitals, plus more. Remember that she's only six!

Teacher's Remarks from Ms. Susie

According to her teacher Ms Susie "Sevina instantly made an impression on me in both our reading and math class together. She is always on time, has her homework completed and fixups done, and is ready for the day's lesson. Seeing a child as excited to learn as Sevina is makes teaching even more rewarding than it already is.

Sevina carefully listens to instructions with wide eyes and remains in the present moment when she is learning something new and completing her work. We always laugh together and she is never afraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand something. I describe Sevina as a "superstar student" based on her qualities- academically and personally.

Sometimes, people don't realize that teacher's students can make an impression on them that will change their lives forever. We are always learning from children, and some of them will touch our hearts and open our minds."

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