Genie's Student Accepted into Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

math-genie-student-accepted-johns-hopkins-center-for-talented-youth.jpgGenie Academy student, Sohum, recently earned a spot in Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY). He  received extraordinarily high marks on the School and College Aptitude Test (SCAT). The SCAT is a United States standardized test which measures quantitative reasoning and verbal intellectually in gifted children. 

Sohum started at Genie Academy at the age of 8. Right at the beginning, Sandeep, his father said "Sohum has already started showing significant improvement in reading/ writing. He has become more responsible and diligent."

That responsibility and diligence honed at Genie Academy has put Soham on the path to phenomenal success. The prestigious CTY program "comprise the most promising minds of the next generation. There are more than 165,000 CTY alumni around the world, including the founders of Facebook and Google, Regeneron Science Talent Search winners, Rhodes Scholars, and MacArthur Fellows."

Sohum's mom, Ashwini highly credits the Genie Academy curriculum and staff for his achievements. "Genie Academy has made a significant impact on Sohum's academics and without the help from each one of Genie Academy teachers, Sohum could not have done this," Ashwini said.

Sohum CTY.png

Gifted and talented youth are not born that way -- rather they cultivate their success through passion and perseverance. Here at Genie Academy, we believe that there is a genius inside every childHence, we will do everything possible to help your child reach their inner genius (just like we did with little Sohum).

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