Genie Academy Student from Piscataway Gets Perfect Score on Target Test  

Shrenik Shines in Target Math-1The New Jersey Math Learning Targets are affirmative assessments for elementary and secondary education. They test the proficiency and understanding of various math subjects in accordance with the NJ Student Learning Standards (SLS) and the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO). There are various assessments throughout the year. In his latest assessment, Shrenik D received a perfect score. He even placed in Advanced Proficient in over half of the subject material.

Sonali, Shrenik’s father had this to say. “ Genie Academy is an excellent place for the kids. Wonderful teachers and staff, my 7 year old son enjoys every class and always eager to come. He is going there since he was toddler and now he is has become genie of math.”

Shrenik has been working very hard at Genie Academy for the past few years and his work is showing at school and at home. 

Shrenik’s Genie Academy teacher Ms. Meghan, has seen how much Shrenik has been growing from Genie Academy. “He always tries his best and never gives up no matter how challenging,” she says, “he has grown so much during his time at Genie Academy and I am very proud of him!”

Sonali “highly recommended to start [Genie Academy] from early age, this is the place that shows math becomes fun.”

Shrenik Math Target Advanced Profecient

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